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Poll: Did Debate Change Your Mind?

Oz and Fetterman

The great debate of 2022 is now complete.

We want to know if it changed your mind at all.

Polls are open until 2 AM Wednesday morning.

Did the Senate debate change your mind on who you are voting for?

  • No. Locked In. (60%)
  • Yes. It Made a Difference. (39%)
  • No. Still Undecided. (1%)

Total Voters: 85

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14 Responses

  1. Conor Lamb would have easily won this seat. He just wasn’t left enough for the Progressives who seemingly control the Democrats now. This BS is why I am voting Republican now.

  2. No one outside of political junkies really watched tonight. It will have a marginal effect on the race, but nothing signficant. Debates do not sway like the way they once did.

    1. Think you are wrong- people did Watch and saw first hand how repulsive and radical Fedderman IS. As a Democrat I was disappointed. Oz is not perfect- but for PA he is a much better person and candidate than Fedderman. John Fedderman is a radical , extreme left winger, and incompetent. You don’t have to like Trump to be completely disgusted with Fedderman’s incompetence, his outrageous lies and his pathetic performance. All the money he gets from radical so called progressive groups won’t cover up what we all saw last night- John Fedderman is both UNFIT for office and morally deficient. Oz is a much better choice for mainstream voters in PA- send Fedderman home where he can’t release murderers back into our communities

  3. As a lifelong Democrat, I must admit John Fetterman is NOT FIT for office. He is a dangerous radical- who cannot even tell the truth, ANYONE but Fetterman- democrats in PA need to send a message- radical , incompetents and hypocrites like Fetterman must’ve defeated. They are a disgrace to what Dems should stand for- Only comment is Fetterman is a disgrace- it’s not his sad medical condition- it’s his shameful dishonesty and arrogance- Oz isn’t perfect- but he is a much better option than Feddermab’s radicalism and incompetence!

  4. If Pennsylvania, the Christian church, and Evangelicals could get behind Trump, after he talked crap on our men and women in uniform as being suckers, poked fun out of a disabled journalist, tore down war hero and senator John McCain, and claimed on a hot microphone that he grabbed married women inappropriately, then we the voters of Pennsylvania can still get behind John Fetterman and we should ! Remember fellow Christian voters, pray for Johns health and recovery and pray that Oz has a safe journey back to New Jersey! Mr. Oz, do not try and hijack our senate seat at the 11th hour by moving here at the last minute, it’s insulting! We see through it!

  5. Whoever from Fettermans campaign who thought it was a good idea to debate should be immediately fired!

    This literally cost the majority of the US Senate.

    1. Agreed but debates should be mandatory. I mean how reckless is it that these politicians are refusing to debate? It makes them look weak and makes me skeptical of why and what they are hiding from. Debating allows for you to give your views and political standing on issues to the people who are hiring you to represent them. The fracking question was a good example. 2 yrs ago it was hard no and now a definitive yes. Why the drastic change of heart? That’s what the moderator wanted him to address and explain to the people. Debating also let’s deceiving or misleading info put out abt you and your positions be defended. Fetterman dropped that ball and lost the opportunity to explain. I feel bad for him but he should put his campaign on hold for another time and heal up. His family needs him more than the senate.

    2. So they should have hidden the fact that he has serious issues? Anything to win that office, huh? Pathetic.

  6. Oz shouldn’t even be a candidate in Pennsylvania, but after tonight undecided voters will likely flock to Oz. Honestly, Fetterman should have stepped aside after the stroke and let the State Committee appoint a replacement candidate like Conner Lamb. With balance of power in DC hanging on the outcome, Pennsylvania voters should have viable candidates on the ballot.

  • Does the NYC Verdict Make You More or Less Likely to Vote For Trump in 2024?

    • Less Likely (36%)
    • More Likely (34%)
    • Makes No Difference (30%)

    Total Voters: 112

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