Fetterman, Shapiro Hold Commanding Leads


Democratic candidates John Fetterman and Josh Shapiro hold commanding leads in their races for the U.S. Senate and the governor’s mansion in a poll released by Blueprint Polling.

Fetterman leads Republican challenger Mehmet Oz by nine points (48.9% to 39.6%). It is the largest poll margin that the lieutenant governor has held over the celebrity doctor and boosts his average lead to 7.1 percent.

Shapiro has a double-digit advantage over GOP opponent Doug Mastriano and has topped the 50 percent mark – 50.7% to 39.4%. The margin nearly triples his advantage from the Suffolk University poll in mid-June and gives him an average lead of 5.3 percent.

“This could be a sign that Shapiro’s advertising is beginning to pay off,” said Stephen Medvic, Director, Center for Politics and Public Affairs at Franklin & Marshall College. “He’s painting Mastriano as an extremist, and there hasn’t been a response from Mastriano, and it could be that voters are getting the message. Having said that, it’s too early to know for sure and I’d urge caution in interpreting these results until other polls find something similar.”

According to Blueprint, one in five Shapiro voters say given the option between the current attorney general and a moderate Republican, they would have either voted for the Republican or are unsure how they would have voted. Over 1 in 4 undecideds also stated they would choose a more moderate GOP candidate.

“While an unnamed, hypothetical candidate is not the same as a flesh-and-blood politician, it’s clear that the race for governor would be closer at this time if the Republicans had nominated a candidate who appealed to centrists – and given the bad midterm environment, very likely would have tilted in the GOP’s favor,” wrote the pollster.

Blueprint also polled a potential Joe Biden – Donald Trump rematch in 2024. Biden held a five-point lead back in February but the advantage has all but disappeared into a statistical tie at 42-41 percent. The president’s lead has shrunk six points among both college-educated voters (12%) and women (9%).

Blueprint Polling is a sister company to Chism Strategies that conducts survey research in federal, state, and local elections.  This survey of 712 likely voters July 19-21, 2022, included landline and mobile phone responses and has a margin of error of +/- 3.67%.  Blueprint conducted this research with no input or funding from any candidate, committee, or interest group.

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  1. National Republicans start to consider investing money on Mastriano’s behalf and suddenly a Democratic pollster puts out a poll with Shapiro up double digits AND above 50%? Give me a break

    1. Has it occurred to you that the Republican Party did not want Mateiano to be the nominee to begin with because he is crazy and unelectable? GOP Leadership desperately wanted him to lose his primary. He’s literally saying he will overturn the 2024 election if Trump loses the state. That is anti-democracy and scary.

    2. The truth shall set you free! The race is over. As Dandy Don would say, “Turn out the lights, the party is over”, for Ozzie and Ding Dong Doug.

    3. I’m in rural west PA and other than a handful of people who are basically so sheltered they make one trip to Walmart per month..most people think Mastriano is far too fringe. I’m not DEM but being honest…I’ll take Shaprio any day over what we used to call the “militia people.” Mastriano and his core crowd are the same types of wackos that dressed up and painted their faces while storming the capital. Can the adults have control of the GOP again please?

  2. This is from a democratic shop, yes? Also, take a look at the finding of Trump and Biden in a dead heat??

    1. Umm, no, it isn’t.

      “Blueprint conducted this research with no input or funding from any candidate, committee, or interest group.”

    2. Yes, Blueprint Polling is a Dem outfit and the poll lacks any internals. It was no doubt a push poll.

      1. I cannot tell if you even know what a push-poll is. This is certainly not one. Push-polls are not published and are not used to broadcast polling leads…Push-polls are used as a campaign tool to convince every person they contact to vote for a certain candidate in the actual election. Lol. Fox News poll shows even bigger leads for these 2 democrats, and Fox News is one of the best pollsters in America.

    3. Biden has like a 35%-42% approval in the state. That’s why he does much worse than the other 2 democrats who poll nearer to 50% approval. Oz has like a 36% approval and Mastriano is likely near 40%.

  3. Shapiro and Fetterman hold commanding leads, despite their faults, because the PA GOP MAGA candidates are so shitstorm crazy and traitorous to democracy

    1. Honestly, I’m really relieved that the PA GOP dropped the ball in the primaries.

    2. You’ve been brainwashed. I’ll take Mastriano any day over Shapiro. The Democrats are destroying this country and by the time their voters wake up it will be too late.

      1. Democrats have basically kept all of Trump’s policies on economics and energy. Only difference I can find is on the border which is actually Biden’s fault – not democrats.

      2. Mastriano is the guy saying that he will overturn the 2024 election if Trump loses the state by appointing a Secretary of State to overturn it. I am sorry, but that is literally a form of fascism. If Mastriano wants to live in a non-democracy, he should move to a different country. This is America.

        1. is supporters in Philly talk Radio – Zeoli, Giordano, as well as friend of station Santorum are all gaga over Mstriano, the Fascist. Should study up on history and who introduced Fascism to Hitler – it was a guy named Benito Mussolini.


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