Poll: Mixed Numbers for Governor Corbett

By Keegan Gibson, Managing Editor

A Quinnipiac poll released this morning showed a jump in Tom Corbett’s disapproval, however the Governor’s approval rating remains net positive.

According to the survey of 1,366 registered voters, Corbett enjoys a 39 – 37 percent approval rating. His disapproval has increased by 26 points since Quinnipiac’s February poll.

Corbett maintains positive ratings from Republicans (64 – 18 percent), independents (40 – 31 percent) and men (43 – 30 percent), but gets a 55 – 20 percent negative rating from Democrats and 43 – 36 rating from women.

Voter opinions of Corbett’s budget are more difficult to read.

Pennsylvania voters say 50 – 39 percent that Gov. Corbett’s budget-cutting proposals are unfair to “people like them,” and disapprove 52 – 35 percent of the way Corbett is handling the state budget. However, by 55 – 40 percent voters agree with his position that a tax hike is not necessary and believe by a margin of 55 – 39 percent that balancing the state budget should be done by spending cuts only and not by a combination of tax hikes and spending cuts.

In a sense, it reflects the argument Corbett has made since unveiling his budget proposal: voters elected him to make tough decisions, some of which are bound to be unpopular.

These numbers are also more favorable to the Governor than a poll earlier this month from Public Policy Polling, which showed voters disapproving of Corbett by a 34 – 44 percent margin.

Indeed, while a drop from February, Corbett’s numbers are fairly decent by comparison to other governors in the country.

“Although Gov. Tom Corbett’s numbers are not impressive by traditional standards, they are a good deal better than many of the new Republican governors around the country who are offering a similar approach of no new taxes and large spending cuts,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

Here are some of the specific budget issues and how they polled:
Oppose 50 – 43 percent state worker layoffs;
Oppose 53 – 36 percent selling or leasing the Pennsylvania Turnpike;
Support 64 – 28 percent selling state liquor stores;
Oppose 64 – 32 percent cutting state funding for state and state-related universities;
Support 68 – 27 percent freezing the wages of state employees;
Support 69 – 22 percent instituting a new tax on companies drilling for natural gas in the
state’s Marcellus Shale region.

From April 19 – 25, Quinnipiac University surveyed 1,366 registered voters. The poll has margin of error of +/- 2.7 percentage points. Live interviewers call land lines and cell phones were used.

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2 thoughts on “Poll: Mixed Numbers for Governor Corbett”

  1. Jill Fuge says:

    I would not say “Keep up the Good Work!!!!” I have a hard time understanding why you would not impose a tax on the companies that want to drill for natural gas in this state but expect the middle class, state workers and schools to cure the budget problems with pay cuts, pay freezes and anything else you can think of to take from us, the middle class. I will agree with the above comment in that if you wish us to take a 4% paycut and pay more into our health insurance and more into our pension you and the legislature must do the same. I, personally will not accept a 4% paycut or being laid off. I will however, agree to a pay freeze.
    As a leader, you must be willing to make the same sacrifices that you want those you lead to make. This is a quality of a great leader. Are you one of those leaders?

  2. Mary Kankoski says:

    Keep up the Good Work! Stay under the radar and do what is necessary to balance the PA budget. Make Pennsylvania a state to be proud. Suggestion: Propose and initiate a salary decrease for all members of our state leadership (governor, legislatures, staff, etc.) We need to be able to defend your position that you need to cut expenses. If you want state workers to take a 4% decrease, you must take a 4% decrease. Give us something to present to those who are disgruntled over the cuts! Be a true leader and make the difficult decision that will also affect your own personal lives. In leadership positions, we must be an example to others. Show some sacrifice as is expected of others.
    I have confidence that you will do what is right! God Bless!

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