Poll: PA Ready to See the End of Kane

Kane-sadWith Attorney General Kathleen Kane fighting fires on all fronts, voters in the state are growing tired of this circus.

35% of Pennsylvanians support impeaching Kane, up six points from February, according to a new poll conducted by the Morning Call and Muhlenberg College. 38% are against the state legislature starting an impeachment process against Kane.

Half of the 457 voters surveyed said Kane does not deserve to win re-election next year, the poll found.

Two weeks ago, a PPP poll found 45% of PA voters believe Kane should resign her seat. Meanwhile, a new RMU survey puts the number at 43.6%.

A bipartisan special committee has been named in the state Senate to explore removing Kane from her position under Article 6, Section 7 of the PA Constitution. The move would allow the state Senate and Gov. Tom Wolf to forego the formal impeachment process and bypass the state House.

Kane’s position is in limbo as she faces nine criminal charges. She has also had her law license suspended.

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  1. Nismo mogli ni da predpostavimo da iz računovodstva Otoke nisu pllitai internet i da su upravo u Petak isključeni sa kablovske i interneta.Mi u suštini imam alternativu i za to (mobilni i BiH Data karticu), ali računajući 100% na bazen i internet na bazenu, nismo poneli potrebnu opremu.Izvinjavamo se na tome, mada je naša krivica zanemarljiva.

  2. gulag – let him go!!! He thinks people actually read his comments … ROFL …

    I guarantee no one has ever clicked on one of his “hyper-links” … He is a mental patient.

  3. rsklaroff: You might want to re-consult the article is question above. It discusses a poll that was ALL about impeachment.
    Nobody cares about your hyperlinks. They are not “at-issue”.

  4. As the State Senate (Republican Controlled) prepares to conduct the equivalent of a Kangaroo Court on Democrat Atty. General Kane why not Poll how Pa voter’s feel the State Senate deserves reelection ???

    Now there’s a poll worth conducting…….!

  5. Fina so rayciss! We libs love us some identity politics. FREE SANDUSKY! LONG LIVE PATERNO! CLOWN CAR!

  6. sklaroff may have been in the woods with Fina and his bestiality videos. Wonder if Fina shared those with Feudale. Wonder if Feudale is a racist too.

    Someone yesterday alluded to Fina’s involvement in the Salvation Army case – suggesting it was Fina that gave immunity to the white guy so they could prosecute the Black guy. Is that true?

  7. @ gulagPittsburgh:

    You may wish to re-consult my hyperlinks; IMPEACHMENT is not at-issue.

  8. So 35% want impeachment and 38% do NOT want impeachment but you claim people are ready to see her go? That’s not the math I learned in school.

  9. Larry-

    Don’t take any drink he hands you. It could be tea-party-kool-aid or a Cosby special.

  10. Previously, I both provided a fleshed-out analysis of what the Senate is likely to do [c/w the history of what happened in the 19th Century] and a projection of the bases that will have to be touched in the process [c/w my consistent predictions during prior months].



    It is amazing how this has become a daily news-item, amplified by how AG-Kane has been discovered to have conducted her professional affairs; the reader is invited to scrutinize my conclusions [notwithstanding the “noise” created by trolls who infest this website].


    I posted a summary of the comments on this case [provided on this website] to the two websites cited by Henry Tate–



    –and directed the reader [with appropriate warnings] back to PoliticsPa for elaborative analysis.


    My only prediction thus far has been to oppose those who have attempted to deflect attention [to FF, Eakin, etc.] in lieu of confronting key-facts that even her ardent defenders can no longer challenge.

    Such irrefutable info would be subject to pre-trial stipulation [to maximize judicial efficiency] and render decision-making by fact-finders even easier than that which now confronts the Senate.

    To illustrate the celerity of what is easily anticipated to occur, it is reasonable to assume that the framework for a public hearing will have been divulged by Thanksgiving, with a formal event [and her removal] constituting a “Holiday Present” to be delivered to the citizenry by year’s end.

  11. At least I know that Kane is guilty as sin and going to prison and that Fina is just a garden variety frat boy. But this H3 guy, holy hell. Fina must have prosecuted him or his boyfriend or something.

  12. Oh boy … He is coming unglued again …. Can’t the moderators get rid of this guy? His obsession with H3 is scary ….

  13. I wish someone would hired me so I wouldn’t be relegated to posting on this lame website all day long 🙁

  14. I keep posting. In fact, every single comment here is me—just under a different name. No one knows tho. Everyone does know, however, that I’m a complete psychopath.

  15. Unger, did you really miss the photo of Sprague in a track suit and Kane dutifully sitting silently at his side? It was all over the Inky, dumbass. LONG LIVE PATERNO!

  16. HaHaHa Imitator- how do you know what Dick Sprague was wearing at that meeting???

    LOL. You better be careful, shill-boy !!!!

  17. Harry, yes, Kane picked a fight with them after offering to speak to their editorial board and then showing up with an ambulance chaser in a track suit. But it was also the cumulative effect of Kane’s chewing through press secretaries (who then tell their press colleagues about how awful she is to work with) and the testimony of Kane’s own inner circle against her. That’s what led EVERY newspaper in Pennsylvania to call for her resignation.

  18. The reporters at the Inquirer have seemed pretty one-sided in their coverage of this whole affair. Weren’t they angry at Kane when she hired Dick Sprague and brought him to a meeting?

    And haven’t the reporters at the Inquirer they been complicit in helping whoever it was leak what was supposed to be secret information from the investigation of Kane?

    I remember Kane calling for a full investigation into those leaks. Has that started yet?

  19. Good point, Unger. Except I have no idea what you think Fina or reporters would be nervous about. The emails have been around for over a year. Why would anyone be nervous about old news, especially when everyone sees that Kane is just flailing around as she inevitably heads toward prison?

    And when you say THIS is why Fina and Corbett and God Knows Who Else wants Kane gone, it sure sounds a lot like you’re excusing the blatantly illegal stuff that Kane was doing to further her spat with Fina. Just saying. Go PSU!

  20. A knife >>> Really?

    Frank Fina has some interesting friends. Its a shame they were dumb enough to use an OAG computer to do their dirty work.

    I wonder if Barry Feudale shared Fina’s taste in porn. Fina allegedly likes to watch videos of 100 year-old women having sex.

    Really, Seth? Really?

  21. H3 – It looks like your secret admirer is back. The shills are OBSESSED with you. Good work!!

    Now it is clear why Fina & The Corbett Pervs want her gone so BADLY. What’s below is from a newspaper yesterday. It appears Fina and Feudale are VERY NERVOUS. And they should be. The Inquirer should be nervous too. Kane has Craig’s and Angela’s e-mails too.

    It is really ironic that these racist woman-hating white males are being exposed because of their e-mails. These are people who regularly used e-mails in Court against others. It shows you how arrogant they are and how protected they thought they were.

    Here’s the article:
    HARRISBURG — Attorney General Kathleen Kane, in one of her last actions before her law license suspension, assigned two agents to review decades-old grand juries for emails and other correspondence sent among judges, prosecutors and reporters, sources have told The Morning Call.

    The focus, according to sources, is on grand juries overseen by Senior Judge Barry F. Feudale and prosecuted by a former deputy attorney general, Frank Fina, with whom she has feuded and blames for her legal problems.

    Feudale oversaw several major grand jury cases prosecuted by Fina, including the grand jury investigation of Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State coach convicted of sexually abusing boys for at least a decade.

    Kane won election in November 2012 in part by pledging to review why it took 32 months to investigate Sandusky. Fina, now an assistant prosecutor in the Philadelphia district attorney’s office, became a vocal critic of Kane’s campaign pledge.

    In May 2013, Kane successfully petitioned the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to remove Feudale as a grand jury judge, arguing he and Fina were too close and that Feudale exhibited erratic behavior in part by bringing a large knife to the attorney general’s office.

  22. I interpret this to mean that 98.7% of Pennsylvanians ADORE Kane and want her to stay in office until she chooses to become Governor! Also, I read this to mean that 123.6% hate FINA AND THE CORBETT PERVS!

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