Rasmussen Poll: Casey 49, Smith 45

Sen. Bob Casey leads Republican Tom Smith by 4 points according to the latest numbers from Rasmussen. That’s 3 points better than Smith did in the firm’s Sept. 19 poll, when he trailed Casey 49 percent to 42.

Rasmussen surveyed 500 likely Pa. voters on October 9 via automated polling to land lines. The margin of error is plus or minus 4.5 percent.

As was also the case in Rasmussen’s Sept. 19 poll, Smith is closer to Casey than Mitt Romney is to Barack Obama. President Obama lead Romney 51 percent to 46 in the poll, released yesterday.

According to the Real Clear Politics polling average (which does not yet include these numbers), Casey leads Smith by 6.3 points. Earlier Thursday, Smith’s campaign released a poll where he trails Casey by just 2 points, 46 percent to 44.

7 Responses

  1. Tom Smith is a wanna be senator. He states a lot of untruths. Does he tell the public the truth about how his workers were treated and what little pay they earned? Does he tell the public how he would not give raises? Does he tell the public about the health insurance that he had for his workers and it was not a good plan for the workers? Do we want this man to be a senator representing us? Please do all the research and do not listen to the negativity spilled by this man. Please read about what good Bob Casey has done for PA. Then you will decide on the right person to vote for the PA senator. Also remember that the person running will not do what they are bragging about getting done. We have all seen wanna be politicians saying anything to get voted in and then do absolutely nothing for us. Yes, money buys votes but is that what this country has came to for the middle class person. Be an informed voter and not a commercial believer because the truth is what counts not lies broadcast with millions of

  2. Tom Smith is a workhorse, not flashy, not bombastic, a man with heart and purpose. He’s the underdog, but Senator Zero hears him coming and he must be concerned.

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