Poll: Will DeWeese Dodge Conviction?

It’s the question everyone in Harrisburg is asking. So what do you think? Will Bill DeWeese be convicted or acquitted?

Will Bill DeWeese be convicted or acquitted?

  • Convicted (60%)
  • Acquitted (40%)

Total Voters: 564

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Editor’s note: sorry for the delay in the results of the last poll: Is Evan Feinberg a credible challenger to Tim Murphy?

By a narrow 329-299 margin, ‘no’ beat out ‘yes.’

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3 thoughts on “Poll: Will DeWeese Dodge Conviction?”

  1. Senior Not Ferrari says:

    Brett – Why don’t you just get over the fact you committed a crime?

  2. mac says:

    Based upon my understanding of the facts(admittedly from public information)I do not see how his deny-ability holds water. But I think he will walk. DeWeese & many others, charged and uncharged, should be in jail, IMO.

  3. How many times has DeWeese voted in this poll?

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