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Pornographic Emails Major Part of Kane’s Appeal

kane-conferenceKathleen Kane is still fighting.

Even after being found guilty on all counts last August, the former Attorney General is proceeding with the appeal process.

In a six-page legal filing, her lawyers mentioned the dismissal of motion to include more of the lewd emails exchanged in the AG’s office. Kane team’s also asserted that two of the charges of which she was convicted were overlapping.

In October, the former AG received a sentence of 10 to 23 months of jail time as well as eight years of probation.

You can read our comprehensive timeline of the Kathleen Kane saga here.

7 Responses

  1. Her pictures are priceless –her store bought teeth and dark dyed hair over pasty white skin makes her ready made for the next Addams family movie

  2. *~ Yes, I’d have to say she should be happy with her sentence. Ms. Kane got off easy, with her little smirks and then to say,”I have ‘no’ regrets”.She’s pathetic. She is guilty of ‘dereliction of duty’, which has led to severe Child Abuse, false arrest, Civil Liberties and Rights violations, perjury, threats, extreme corruption within our Judicial System, Govt. corruption, etc. Two lives have been ‘destroyed’, due to Ms.Kane’s disregard for the Law and our Constitution, her lack of judgement and smug attitude! The decisions Kathleen Kane made allowed others in power to follow suit, believing they are ‘Above the Law’, just as she had done. And then she tried to use her children to try and get house arrest, while other ‘innocent’ children suffer from ‘abuse’ while their beautiful Lives are destroyed. And ‘no one’ in Pennsylvania really seems to care, as others put their hand on the Bible, take the ‘Oath of Office’, and then continue the ‘corruption’ in Pa.

  3. I’m just hoping to make it out next week so I can watch the inauguration in person of our first female president and my friend Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  4. the real story here is if she is using funds from her campaign to pay for the appeal. She used campaign funds for her trial but now she is no longer an office holder or running for office

  5. Who cares anymore? Let’s just move on to more important things, like Russians taking over the PA Supreme Court. Tired of the nazis in charge.

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