Port Authority Union tries Onorato again

After Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato rejected Port Authority union workers’ proposal for a 10 percent pay cut and forgoing a 3 percent raise scheduled for January, transit workers are willing to restart talks. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Jon Schmitz reports:

“We’re willing to go back to the table,” said Patrick McMahon, president of Local 85, Amalgamated Transit Union.

Port Authority workers will attempt to meet Onorato somewhere in the middle, although Onorato would like to see the union agree to one of his proposals.

“The two sides continue to dispute the value of the union’s offer, which it said would save the authority $18.5 million. The authority has estimated the savings at $14.7 million. Mr. Onorato has said he wants about $20 million in givebacks from the union.”

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One thought on “Port Authority Union tries Onorato again”

  1. Mike Fish says:

    Thanks Mr. Onorato, finally somebody is standing up to the transit unions who have run the transit budget into the ground with the ridiculous retirement pensions and benefits they have forced down the taxpayers throats. All one has to do is look at what the Steel Unions did to their own industry a few decades ago. They got so much money & benefits for their members that they priced themselves out of many steel jobs that eventually started the importing of so much foreign steel…..Thanks again Dan !!

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