Post-Election Playbook 2016

voting-boothOur collection of stories on yesterday’s statewide races.

Election Results

PA-Sen: Toomey Re-Elected: The Senator has won a second term.

Shapiro Wins Attorney General Race: The Democratic nominee emerges victorious.

DePasquale Secures Second Term: The Auditor General easily wins re-election.

Torsella to Be Next Treasurer: The Democratic nominee wins the State Treasurer contest.

PA-8: Fitzpatrick to Succeed Brother in Congress: The Republican nominee held onto the family’s seat.

PA-16: Smucker Elected to Congress: The open seat will remain in GOP hands.

Non-Election Results

The Clintons and Obamas Join Forces For Philly Rally: The twin families of Democratic politics speak in Philadelphia on Election eve.

Reader Poll: Trump Finishes Ahead in Final Survey: Our readers expect an upset tonight.

Reader Poll: Who Should the Republicans Nominate for Governor in 2018?: We ask which way the GOP should go as it tries to retake the Governor’s mansion.

19 Responses

  1. Is it too late for Hillary to auction off her stool sample to raise money for Kathleen Kane’s legal defense fund

  2. bye says:
    November 13, 2016 at 8:47 am
    in just 3 months Kathy Katie and Hilary are gone for good and never to return

    Thank god Kathy is going to jail and maybe Hilary in due time

  3. David, obviously you don’t understand how RCV works or you’re invested in the power of your major party. I’m going with the former. First, whoever says 3rd party voters “threw their vote away” is in denial of a very simple fact. Hundreds of thousands of 3rd party voters (not to mention the tens of millions of non-voters) do not give a DAMN what you think of their action. They keep showing up don’t they? To THEM they are voting (or not voting) with integrity according to the world as they see it. The only reason the 3rd party votes are “thrown away” is because that is what the MAJOR PARTIES DO WITH THEM. The majors COULD recycle these votes into useful products via Ranked Choice Voting. But no, these votes (and non votes) are in the trash heap because that’s where the major parties want them to be. In fact, squashing the third party vote has been (((so))) important to the major parties that historically they would rather lose repeated elections than reform the system. Second, well duh, of COURSE there are only “only two viable candidates” in a plurality voting system. That’s what you get when you build a system based on horrified fear of the other jerk instead of integrity. And the majors like it this way, hence worn-out phrases like “Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum?” Then there’s the spoiler effect…. When 7 kids want soggy asparagus but 11 kids want ice cream, why are they all eating soggy asparagus? Because they used plurality voting, and the ice cream vote split 5-6 between chocolate and vanilla. SO….. Ranked Choice Voting makes use of the votes of people who will only participate without lying; it ends the spoiler effect; and it will test the nay-sayers hypothesis that there will never be any viable alternative parties. Your post sounds like the major league coach dismissing the possibility of a challenge from outside the stadium…. while smugly jiggling the keys to the locked stadium doors. OF COURSE the 3rd parties are minor players when they can do little more than tail gate. The majors like it this way, and half the electorate stays home. This is just as stupid as denying black or women sufferage.

  4. Ranked Choice Voting is political masturbation in the voting booth.

    Jill Stein and Gary Johnson were never viable candidates.

    So, with ranked voting, a few people could “self-gratify” themselves by voting Stein, Johnson, Clinton as meaningless protest vote, because these third party candidates couldn’t get elected with any form of voting.

    Instead of realizing this is still a binary choice between TWO AND ONLY TWO viable candidates, some voters threw their votes away on the 3rd choice and shot the country in the foot.

    So, ranked choice is for people too stupid to pick between two candidates who wanted to take the country in two different directions. If they aren’t smart enough to understand that their 3rd party votes were a waste, then they aren’t smart enough to understand the concept of ranked choices in the first place.

    If there really was a VIABLE 3rd party candidate, particularly in a state house race, or several candidates for a primary, then ranked choice makes a little more sense. But, it makes no sense with two major national parties and electoral college system in the presidential race.

  5. Without a citizen’s initiative I know I’m digging in a played out Pennsylvania coal mine here …….. but we need a vigorous spoiler campaign to convince one or the other major parties that Pennsylvania, like Maine, needs Ranked Choice Voting. As it stands, a vast slice of the population resent elections because they are always confronted with the need to lie. That’s what voting for the least bad candidate really is… a lie. One thing that gives me hope is that there are so blessed many people who express resentment at having to tell this lie on election day. We’re a nation where a large percentage of the voters at least WANT to be honest, but the voting system is a knee on their back. Established major party players will, out of necessity, mock at the purported naivete of what I just said. But then there is the rest of the state, of which I am a part. So I submit that the #1 need of the people, after food and water, is the chance to organize our society with a politics based on what we REALLY THINK instead of those ideas and principles we’re willing to betray. The end result would be better elections and more representational government. Anybody for reclaiming this worn out coal mine with Ranked Choice Voting?

  6. Mad Mikey- you do have a way of grossly exaggerating reality. Do we call king Obama a racist because of how he has let the extremists and racists at black lives matter try to make us forget All Lives Matter? The dems on the extreme left made race an unnecessary issue. By the way I thought Donald would change the name of Gus residence to Trump Palace. Watching the left wing extremists who flourished under Obama have to deal with a democratic election that went against them is a PureJoy!

  7. The 8th Congessional race will not look good on Eric Goldman’s resume as a campaign manager. Santarsiero never put forth his vision for the district. Brian Fitzpatrick crushed him in every possible way by running a positive, issues oriented campaign. Think about it, a 9% win by Fitzpatrick for an open seat in a swing district. One positive outcome for Santarsiero is that he didn’t get “Stroused” (losing by more than a 20 point spread).

  8. How great we have a P SSEY GRABBER in the white house!! Ask the KKK why its called the “white house”

  9. Attention Frank Little I Don’t have any free stuff. However I have PAPAL memorabilia, Trump buttons and1300 DNC parking passes for sale. Call me 1-800-DAM-STACK

  10. I, Frank Little, am a disbarred attorney begging for money online. So I was really hoping for handouts from Bernie Sanders. What a disappointment. Where’s my free stuff??!!

  11. God bless Trump. Obama more corrupt than Nixon and more incompetent than Carter. Because of Obama 250000 Syrians are dead- -and because Obama is a callous ass a young girl and many others died on the streets of Tehran- so he could disgrace his Office and cut a deal with the butchers of Tehran. Obama isn’t a bad person- he is personification of Evil! Bless Trump- to hell with extreme left ! Wiener and Obama two perverts for our times!

  12. Hey, Diano and HaHaHa, just wanted you to know that we’re all still laughing at you. Maybe, just maybe, people took notice that a dozen or more Democrats got charged with crimes in the last year, and so they pulled the lever for Republicans. It kind of makes sense, doesn’t it? Anyway, you’re both idiots.

  13. I think we all got to applaud Tim. Most of the people here made fun of him and mocked him. From what I read, it looks like he was right about things.

  14. Democrats on suicide watch.
    Nate Silver = One-hit wonder. He did better calling the World Cup.
    David Plouffe = Dumbass
    HaHaHa = Retarded Troll that doesn’t know shit. LOL.

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