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Potential Stack Challenger Considers Run

Aryanna BerringerLieutenant Governor Mike Stack’s troubles could mean primary challengers next year.  

According to the Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh political activist Aryanna Berringer has been talking with party leaders and operatives about a mounting a bid against Stack in the primary.  

“As a Democrat, it’s upsetting to see someone like Mr. Stack and his family act that way. … It’s not who I am and not how I’m raising my kids to behave. It’s time to have someone step up,” Berringer told the paper.  

Berringer is an Army veteran, and currently a information technology project manager for Giant Eagle.  She ran for Congress in 2012 against Congressman Joe Pitts.  

Stack has come under fire recently after it was revealed Governor Tom Wolf ordered an investigation into Stack and his wife’s treatment of state workers at the Lt. Governor’s mansion and their State Police detail.  In an awkward press conference, Stack apologized for his and his wife’s behavior, but did not say what that behavior was.  

After the investigation, Stack’s expenses while in office have also come under scrutiny, including his spending $4,210.69 on hotels in Philadelphia while he owned a home in the city.

26 Responses

  1. She might have ran for Congress against Joe Pitts, but she did not CAMPAIGN against Joe Pitts.

  2. Zach is my new main man. I am writing his name in for Governor, president, supreme court justice and guest lecturer at Western Psych…just in case.

  3. Zakrey Bissell
    WTF is wrong with you.

    Stack should challenge Wolf for Gov.

  4. I mean’t to be sentenced to death after they will be found guilty in these charges in 2018 after their court hearings.

  5. I think for Mike Stack and his wife should go to jail have a death sentence between them in 2018.

  6. I think for Mike Stack should resign or not run for reelection in 2018.

  7. Chuckie Porter-

    No, that’s not it. And you being dismissive of her problems is exactly what’s wrong with the attitude toward people who need professional help, and aren’t taken seriously.

    Wolf took advantage of this to smear Mike Stack.

    There is no reason to lose Stack.

  8. Diano…not a health issue…a privileged mouth that let her abuse people. Characterize it any way you want but the little runt had an attitude that was indefensible for even a scummy dirtbag who had nothing to lose but a welfare check…well, she lost it and tragically we lose our man Stacks along with her. Now we have to find someone new who can stop the play for pay reformer. Any ideas?

  9. John

    It’s made up bullshit by Wolf to take advantage of Mrs. Stack’s health issue to smear Stack and prevent a primary challenge.

  10. How can you be abusive to your staff and state police? The Stacks are true pieces of work. Time for new leaders.

  11. Oh boi, how we must love losing. What a joke. If Wolf thinks he’s strong enough for this, he’s delusional.

  12. Western PA Dem-

    I’m pretty sure it was some in state committee WolfPak riding Uber. Stack had his own security detail, and wouldn’t have needed Uber (duh).

    I haven’t gotten any union business. They are pretty tied in with Wolf and CO. Marty will refer an occasional candidate to me (but not enough for me to retire on) 🙁

    I’ve been supporting Stack over Wolf for years now (since Wolf pulled his childish stunts refusing to go to State Committee when Jim Burn was Chair). Stack would show up at the events, and was quite accessible to talk to.

    During the 2014 campaign, it was the Stack people shaking their heads at Wolf’s deliberate GOP appeasement strategy and abandonment of the down-ticket candidates. Stack would support down-ticket candidates and expanding the map.

  13. Diano- Maybe Stack was the one running up the Uber bills? Would make sense since it’s been proven he spends money like a drunkin’ sailor. See Pennlive reports released today.

    Are you a Stack shrill on here so that Marty Marks & CO + unions keep giving you business????

  14. Wasn’t she somebody else’s wife during the Congressional campaign? I guess Darren earned his pay.

  15. This is just Daren Berringer’s latest scheme to get back into politics – use his wife, who ran a laughable campaign against Joe Pitts – Stack has to go, but she ain’t the one to do it. They are registered in Westmoreland County, not Allegheny by the way.

  16. The first rule of politics is…people not on the ballot are exempt from attack, especially family and friends…unless they voluntarily insert themselves into the fray. Stack is our guy but he should have protected her up front. It’s too late now because she made herself an issue around the Capitol.

  17. “political activist” that no one in western Pennsylvania knows. Okay.

  18. Berringer apparently didn’t read the article about Mrs. Stack having some mental health issues that she’s been treated for.

    Mike Stack was being a stand-up guy and taking the heat for his wife to keep her privacy. Wolf was being a complete dick, because he knew about Mrs. Stack’s health issue and used it to smear Mike Stack, because he knew Stack would try to protect his wife. Disgraceful on Wolf’s part.

  19. This is a joke. Isn’t it? Please tell me it is. She was a horrid congressional candidate. Then there were all the salicious rumors of extracurricular activities during the campaign. The Dems can do a lot better.

  20. An Army vet, God T-shirt and a baby, plus she’s white. How could she lose? All she’s missing is a gun and a penis.

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