PPP Poll: Clinton 49% Trump 45%

Hillary Clinton HappyHillary Clinton is still ahead.

That’s according to the latest Public Policy Polling survey, which found Clinton at 49% and Donald Trump at 45%.

Last June, Clinton led 46% to 42%.

“Our polling in Pennsylvania and nationally has found that Hillary Clinton improved her image more with the conventions than Donald Trump did,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “And she’s also maintained her existing modest – but persistent – lead in the race.”

Once again, there are significant gender and racial gaps in the Clinton/Trump head-to-head matchup. Women support Clinton 55/38 while men favor Trump 53/43.

Meanwhile, white voters are 54% to 41% for Trump. Clinton, though has a 91% to 5% advantage with blacks and 67% to 20% lead with “other voters”.

The Democratic nominee also has the edge when it comes to favorability ratings. While Clinton’s 40/53 favorable/unfavorable split is poor, Trump’s 36/56 is even worse.

Nonetheless, there are signs that there are still voters Clinton needs to reach. For example, when presented with a hypothetical matchup of President Obama and Donald Trump, Pres. Obama led 51% to 44%.

An additional problem for Trump, though, is the issue of his tax returns. 64% of Pennsylvanians believe he should follow tradition and release them. Just 21% oppose such a move.

Finally, in another question, PPP included the Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson and the Green Party nominee Jill Stein. In that four candidate battle, Clinton is ahead of Trump 45% to 42%. Johnson gets 4% while Stein receives just 2%.

Public Policy Polling surveyed 1,505 likely Pennsylvania voters from July 29th to 31st. The margin of error is +/- 2.5%.

12 Responses

  1. Hillary is not running for Best Celebrity. She is running for POTUS. And she will win because her opponent is a simpleton.

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  3. Guzzardi is right. You don’t see the Donald go anywhere without an army rolling in behind him. Those look like people ready to show up in November!!! Hillary is way too ugly to win anything besides best scarecrow.

  4. The Dishonest Media has a Double Standard to advance the Democratic agenda and has failed to report the small and unenthusiastic crowds showing up for Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania and Cleveland (about 80 miles west of Pennsylania border.)

    Dozens ??? showed up to see Clinton-Kaine in Pennsylvania.


    Hillary Clinton Holds Event at Cleveland Church – Less Than 100 Attend


  5. Another junk poll. Include Johnson and Stein in the first question! They are on the ballot!

  6. Cool another liberally biased poll. The same ones that said Trump could never win the primary. WELL NOW HES CLOSE SO HERE COMES THE LANDSLIDE!!!! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIn

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