PPP Poll: Pres. Obama’s Approval Rating Hits Record Low

Barack ObamaWe’ve got some bad news for the man in the White House.

President Obama’s approval rating among Pennsylvania voters has dipped to a record low of 38%, according to a recent PPP poll. At 54%, his disapproval rating is also the highest it has ever been in the Keystone state.

The survey, released Wednesday, shows a growing gap in the president’s perception among black and white voters. African Americans are three times as likely as white voters to approve of the president’s performance: 92% of African American voters polled approved of his performance, while only 8% disapproved. By contrast, only 31% of the whites polled cast favorable votes, and 61% disapproved. Among voters identifying as “other” races, Obama’s ratings stand at 31% approval, 58% disapproval.

Comparing this year’s survey to past data shows that the discrepancy between black and white voters has widened in the past year: in the PPP poll from June 2014, the President held the approval of 38% of white voters and 66% of black voters.

One trend holding steady is Obama’s popularity among young voters: 43% of those aged 18-29 gave him approving votes. His harshest critics are those between the ages of 30-45 and those aged 65 and older, with 59% of voters in both demographics disapproving of his performance.

When analyzing the data along gender lines, women come out as Obama’s more forgiving constituency: 44% of those polled gave him approving votes, compared to only 31% of men.

His approval ratings are predictably varied by party lines: Democrats were split 66-26 in their approval and disapproval of the president. Republicans, by comparison, were split 8-88%.

The PPP polled 799 registered voters from May 21-24. The margin of error for the study is +/-3.5%. 80% of the interviews were conducted over the phone, while the remaining 20% of participants were interviewed over the Internet.

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8 thoughts on “PPP Poll: Pres. Obama’s Approval Rating Hits Record Low”

  1. Collin Donaghy says:

    Nice post, thanks a lot for uploading. I have no idea anywhere else on earth other than america where people would be dumb enough to vote for a racist like Trump. Eliminated are the days and nights of great presidents like Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford. Anyway, sorry for my rant. Here’s where I get my Anti Trump products.


  2. Tom Balya says:

    Then PA better get in step with the rest of the nation because according to CNN a week ago, his approval rating was at 53%. But he could give a “you-know-what”. The only two polls that mattered for him were in 2008 and 2012.

  3. Sue says:

    It would be helpful in interpreting the poll results to know what questions were asked. Approval rating regarding what in particular? Without knowing that, this number is not informative.

  4. BARD says:

    Ukraine would like a word

  5. New_Liberal_Lion says:


    You’re welcome to pick up an AK-47 anytime you want and go over there and fight. Israel doesn’t need our money either.

  6. David Diano says:

    I don’t agree with your premise that his foreign policy has failed.

  7. Robert B. Sklaroff, M.D. says:

    @ DD:

    Your willful blindness knows no limits; cannot you recognize that his totally-failed foreign policy [even if you may like it] is weighing-him-down?

  8. David Diano says:

    This is probably due to Obama supporting the trade deal that a lot of Dems are against.

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