PPP Poll: Sheetz Regains the Crown Over Wawa

SheetzPublic Policy Polling has just released their most recent survey of Pennsylvanians, surveying their opinions on everything from Joe Paterno to hoagies. Answers were calculated broadly and then analyzed by more specific categories such as age, voting record, and gender.

In the latest development in a long-standing rivalry, Sheetz has redeemed itself, according to the poll. For the past two years, Pennsylvanians indicated they preferred Wawa to Sheetz, but this year Sheetz has overthrown its eastern competitor, with 45% of citizens in preference of the convenience store. 35% of people polled were in favor of Wawa, while 12% said they were not sure.

White men carried support for Sheetz, as 54% were in favor of the store while only 37% of women shared the same opinion. The majority of women, 40%, were in favor of Wawa, with only 29% of men in agreement. 23% of women and 17% of men were unsure of their preference.

50% of white people polled preferred Sheetz, while only 27% of African Americans shared the sentiment. A resounding 57% of black people polled preferred Wawa, and only 32% of whites.


Pennsylvania is known around the U.S. for its cheesesteaks, and according to the poll, Pennsylvanians themselves appreciate the dish themselves. 49% of Pennsylvanians polled said the sandwich was their favorite, Italian hoagies coming up short with only 26% preference from those polled. 12% checked off meatball subs as their sandwich of choice, and 12% reported they were unsure.

Women and men were almost equal for preference in every sandwich category, but a definitive 70% of African Americans prefer cheesesteaks, while only 47% of white people and 42% of people of other ethnicities were committed to the sandwich.

To top off their sandwiches, 62% of Pennsylvanians would ask for a soda, versus the 25% who would request a pop.

Public Policy Polling surveyed 1,106 registered voters from June 3rd to 5th. 80% of participants, selected through a list based sample, responded via the phone, while 20% of respondents who did not have landlines conducted the survey over the internet through an opt-in internet panel. The margin of error is +/- 3.0%.

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  1. Maybe there is a rivalry but I think the areas of overlap are pretty small. I for one have never seen a WAWA west of Lancaster and I do not remember seeing a Sheetz in southeast PA. So, if that is true, how are they competing unless it is by market share in their own region. It calls the survey findings into question.

  2. Why would white and black be separated for voting? Either way, WAWA is a distant 2nd. Sheetz rocks!

  3. Most of the difference between the racial profile of Wawa and Sheetz can be accounted for by their geographic locations. Most Wawa are in the urban east and Sheetz are in the rural west.

  4. No geographic breakdown of the respondents? This seems very slanted towards the West of the state!

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