Preacher to Launch Guv Campaign at Philly LGBT Center

Max Myers
Max Myers

Democrat Max Myers technically has been running for Governor for 18 months now. But when he officially kicks off his campaign next week, the protestant minister from Cumberland County will do so at a the state’s most prominent LGBT community center.

In a media advisory Thursday, Myers’ campaign announced that his first stop will be at the William Way Community Center this Monday in Philadelphia.

A minister with the Assemblies of God, a denomination of Pentecostal Christians, he runs a school for ministers in Mechanicsburg. He’s worked as a preacher in several parts of the country.

“[PA’s founding father William] Penn had a vision of success for this state, and all would be treated with honor and respect,” Myers told PoliticsPA in September 2011. “We have drifted away from these key virtues. If we can return to these ways, we can become a healthier Commonwealth, and I believe I have the capacity to bring us there.”

His announcement release says the priorities of his campaign will be, “moving citizens out of poverty in our rural and urban areas, creating world class education for all children, creating a business and manufacturing environment that will build employment, and Govern with empowered leadership, not partisan politics.”

He’ll start Monday morning in Philly then head to Harrisburg. Tuesday will take him to Pittsburgh and Erie, followed by Allentown on Wednesday.

He hosted a reception a few weeks ago at the Pa. Democrats’ winter state committee meeting.

With no political resume and a geographic base not conducive to statewide Democratic candidates, Myers is a long shot. He is the second officially declared Democratic candidate following former Department of Environmental Protection Secretary John Hanger.

Here’s his bio from the release:

Born the third of four sons and raised in a small farming community in Morrisonville, Illinois, Max Jay Myers chose at a young age to live a life of service to God, family and country.

After graduating from high school in 1971, Myers volunteered to enlist in the United States Army. He was stationed in Germany and served for three years until his honorable discharge. Max was awarded the Army Commendation Medal; he went on to be commissioned an officer in the National Guard. After his service to the country in the military, Max got his Bachelor of Arts at North Central University and began pastoring Assemblies of God churches in several cities, including Morris, Illinois; Waupaca, Wisconsin; and Hutchinson, Minnesota.

Fueled by his accomplishments in military and pastoral leadership, Max continued working with community organizations. While living in Minnesota he was a member of the board of directors for the McLeod Alliance for Victims of Domestic Violence. He also served on the Tri-County Welfare-to-Work Task Force, working with local social service providers to assist those coming off public assistance with transportation. Out of his passion to help people who found themselves in a difficult position, Max participated in laying the groundwork for the non-profit organization Common Cup, which pooled the resources of local churches to assist those in need. He also helped to develop a staffed counseling department at his church that offered its services free of charge to the community.

Max partnered with his wife, Nina, in 2001 to open their first small business in downtown Hutchinson, called “Coffee Company.” A second location was added to their popular shop the following year.

Using the above three decades of experience in leadership, Max moved to Central Pennsylvania and became the director of a ministry school in Mechanicsburg. During this time Max decided to share with others the nature of his success in leadership through the book The Tail That Wags the Dog, which serves as an instructional on ways to reshape pastoral leadership. Max’s continuous pursuit of effective community change has motivated him to purchase blighted property in Harrisburg. By renovating and renting the properties Max provides residents with affordable quality housing. He also serves as a “Big Brother” with Big Brothers / Big Sisters of the Capital Region and has a private pilots license. Max and Nina have two children and five grandchildren.

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  1. I am also confused how a Christian can support abortion and gay marriage and the Democratic Party! I spoke with him last year and he said he supported gays and didn’t want to oppose Gov Corbett. I am very confused about someone that would sacrifice Godly Christian vues for an opportunity. What values will he remain firm on? It creates confusion in my mind about what he will compromise on if elected? Too many shove God aside

  2. I have know max for several years. His love and committment to this city, region and state as well as his experience in business and training Godly leaders will bring principles and morals back into alignment as they were originally intended. He will be able to accomplish much with God and the unity of the people’s support and involvement.

  3. I think it’s very refreshing to see someone with a different type of resume and new ideas enter the Pa Gubernatorial race. I had the privilege recently to meet and speak with Mr. Myers. He certainly is not a light weight! He’s an innovator, he has charisma, he’s smart and able to think outside of the box and he’s a leader! Those who under estimate him are in for a surprise.

  4. Here is a candidate with great appeal to voters across the idealogical spectrum. He has valuable experience serving his country, running a business, and working with the local government on policy issues. His christian values coupled with his progressive compassion are a refreshing step forward. I think Mr. Myers has what it takes to be an effective, unifying leader in the modern era and it will be exciting to see what he can accomplish!

  5. This is awesome news. Max is a great leader, and builder of great leaders. I have been impacted by him, and the some of the leaders he has trained and mentored.

  6. Max Myers is an honorable man with a great vision. His heart for PA and seeing PA transformed in inspirational and practical. He has something few people have these days – hope! He has my vote.

  7. I’m a bit confused…an A/G preacher who supports the Democratic platform of abortion and gay marriage? I don’t want to stir up anything, just would like to hear his views about this concern.

  8. I have known Max Myers and been under his leadership for 20+ years now. I believe Max is the one who can lead our state to success in much needed areas, such as bringing back jobs and bettering our schools. I live in Harrisburg and believe this city has great potential to become “healthy” again. Max has shared his vision with me not only for Harrisburg, but for all of Pennsylvania. We need Max Myers and his leadership. He has my support and my vote!!

  9. Max Myers is someone to take seriously. I have heard his plan for PA and found that he is not a “pie in the sky” thinker. His strategies are thorough and doable. When people catch the vision of a better future for PA they will find Max Myers with a solid handle on bringing this vision into reality.

  10. I am voting for the Christian ticket, Max Myers and Mark Smith. Both are good Christians with strong religious ties to the church.

  11. Max is an inspirational leader and an incredible person. He reaches out like a father and friend to all around him. Strong and dependable. It is an honored to count him a friend.

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