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President Biden: “We’re Not Going Anywhere”

President Joe Biden at Harrisburg campaign event

President Joe Biden reinforced on Monday what he said during two stops in the Keystone State the previous day that he is not going to step aside as the Democratic nominee for president.

“The bottom line here is that we’re not going anywhere,” he told the MSNBC “Morning Joe” program. “I am not going anywhere. I wouldn’t be running if I didn’t absolutely believe that I am the best candidate to beat Donald Trump in 2024.”

Biden spoke with hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough and answered many of the questions that have been on the minds of the Democratic movers and shakers since his debate performance on June 27.

“Look at my career. I’ve not had many of those nights. It was a terrible night, and I really regret it happened,” he said.

“You know, the idea that I’m too old. Created over 15 million jobs, 21 million insured for the ACA, beat Big Pharma, relieved student debt for 5 million people, first Black woman on the [Supreme] Court. … Measure me by what I’ve done. … Try sitting behind this desk and making these decisions.

“I don’t care what those big names think. They were wrong in 2020. They were wrong in 2022 about the red wave. They are wrong in 2024… Come out with me. Watch, watch people react. You make a judgment.”


Biden made two stops in Pennsylvania on Sunday, starting with an appearance at the Mt. Airy Church of God in Philadelphia.

“There’s more to do to deliver jobs and justice. There’s more to do. But above all, we need to protect our rights –  the rights of all Americans to make sure democracy works for you.

“Folks, I know with every fiber of my being –  I know I don’t look like 40 years old, but I’ve been around a little bit. It’s heck turning 40. But all kidding aside, I’ve been doing this a long time. And I, honest to God, have never been more optimistic about America’s future if we stick together.”

The president and First Lady then continued to Harrisburg for a meet-and-greet at the AFSCME Council 13 building where he was joined by Lt. Gov. Austin Davis, U.S. Sen. John Fetterman and Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-04) as well as other assorted Pennsylvania Democratic leaders. He spoke for a short time and was met with frequent chants of “Four More Years” and “Si, se puede” (Yes, you can) from the assembled crowd.

“I make no apologies. I’m the most pro union president in American history,” said Biden. “Unions build the middle class. That other guy has the largest debt of any president in US history. Corporate profits have doubled. Doubled. And we’ve gotta do something about it.”

Fetterman began his comments by gesturing toward Biden.

“I’m about to point to the only person that’s ever kicked Trump’s ass in an election right now. Humiliated Trump. Broke him. And he had to lie about it.  Fox had to cut a check for $800 million trying to talk about those kinds of lies.

“I am proud to stand right here next to this president right now. He’s my president. He’s your president.”

“I have had the the historic honor of serving alongside this president for three and a half of those years,” said Dean, who joked about the challenge of following Biden and Fetterman at the microphone.

“What an amazing run. Take a look at what has been accomplished under this president. And I can tell you close up and personally, the contrast couldn’t be greater.

“Remember, all of the freedoms you’re fighting for, that we are fighting for stem from our democracy. I was there on January 6. I was taken out in a gas mask. I didn’t know where we were going or who would be harmed or killed. I watched as Trump supporters, incited by that president, went to the Capitol and used Trump flags and grotesquely used American flags to beat police officers, to maim them. Five then died.

“Democracy is on the line. There’s no greater patriot than Joe Biden to serve us.”

Davis capped off the formalities by saying how important Biden was to his daughter’s future.

“This election is about making sure we have a president who cares about each and every one of us, making sure that we have a president who believes in the promise of America, and making sure that we have a president who will always stand up for our fundamental rights and our fundamental freedoms. I want my daughter to have the same rights that her mother came into the world with and have the same ability to live the American dream. I trust Joe Biden with my daughter’s future.”

Athena Williams, a member of the Pennsylvania Democratic Latino Caucus, was impressed by what she saw.

“It was a really good event. I had been feeling down, social media and a lot of the news was pretty negative after the debate,” she said.

“We live in a society where a person makes even one mistake, they’re out. And Democrats hold themselves and others to very high standards. President Biden spoke about the economy, union jobs, and he knows people are struggling. I decided I didn’t want to be a negative person on social media, bickering about his debate performance, when I could instead focus on what we as Dems want to accomplish and what we have achieved so far.”

Manheim Township commissioner Carol Gifford was not sure what to expect at the Harrisburg event, but came away with her expectations not only met, but exceeded.

“He was presidential in appearance, demeanor, stature, remarks and interactions,” she said afterwards. “Those in attendance — many of whom came from several counties around the Midstate — said they talked to neighbors and community members after the debate who said they thought Biden had a bad night — but it was one night — and he’s been a great president whose policies are helping the country.

“The President took the time to meet with people in attendance, talk to them, answer and respond to their questions and remarks. He was relaxed and funny. He looked much better than we did in the heat!”

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