President Obama Coming To Phila. June 12th

President Obama is coming to Philadelphia on June 12th for a fundraiser at the Franklin Institute. The Franklin Institute helps run a high school in Philadelphia, the Science Leadership Academy. The school moved its graduation to June 12th because the graduating seniors will meet with President Obama before their graduation ceremony.

The story was first reported yesterday by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The Republican National Committee released a statement on the visit:

“With young Americans suffering disproportionately in the Obama economy, another speech with students is not going to make up for the broken promises President Obama made to students and young voters in 2008. Students know the truth — after three years of Obama’s empty rhetoric, President Obama hasn’t delivered the jobs or the college affordability he said he would.”

President Obama and his administration have been frequent visitors to Pa., including Vice-President Biden’s surprise stop yesterday in Washington, Pa. during a planned campaign swing in Ohio.

4 Responses

  1. Steve-
    The only problem with the stimulus was that it wasn’t big enough. It not only prevented the unemployment rate from hitting 12% or 13%, but it probably prevented the complete collapse of the economy in to a new Great Depression. The original prediction/projections regarding the effect of the stimulus were made BEFORE we had the 4th quarter numbers from the end of the Bush administration. Once those numbers came in, the unemployment projections were all shifted about 2 points higher, but the GOP likes to quote the unadjusted early projections unfairly to penalize 2%.

    The US credit rating was downgraded to the policies/behavior of the Republican controlled House and their refusals to compromise on budgets, taxes and raising the debt ceiling.

    A lot of the baby-boomers have retired these past few years, reducing the total number of people in the workforce. This trend is underlying some of the jobs numbers.
    Look at the graph to see what Obama inherited and how it turned around once Obama was in office and got stimulus passed.

    Romney wants to continue the same Bush policies that got us into the mess (only even more accelerated). Tell me what Romney is going to do differently than Bush?

    If Obama hadn’t stepped in to offer lower interest loans directly to students (and by-passing the banks), college would be completely unaffordable and unattainable for many students. Yes, college costs are out of control, but the president doesn’t control that, so he did what he could by lowering student loan interest rates.

    The groups you talk about suffering, always suffer under a recession or economic downturn. What you fail to understand is that their problems were caused by the failed Bush/GOP policies that Romney wants to go back to.

  2. “Obama created millions of jobs”, yet, less people are working today than when he took office.

    College more affordable? For who? When I speak with college students, of all political leanings, they are painfully aware it is their age group that has suffered the worst under this president and their biggest concern is how they are going to pay those loans back.

    The minority community in the under 30 age group has had enough of the hope and change and want jobs. The only age group to gain jobs are the oldest workers, and that is because they are working longer.

  3. Obama is the economy terminator. He said that passing the 800 billion dollar stimulus bill would lower the unemployment rate & create jobs. But it did the opposite because we all know where that lead, its raised the unemployment rate to 10% & our nations credit rating was downgraded. Obama & the democrat policies are ruining this country.

  4. Obama’s created millions of jobs and has made college more affordable by reducing student loan interest rates. People are still suffering from the George Bush/GOP Great Recession, that Obama is pulling us out of, with NO help from the GOP in Congress.

    Maybe Romney should stop giving speeches at the kinds of companies that Bain Capital liquidated?

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