President Obama Pardons Ex-Pittsburgh City Councilman

president-obama-vetoFormer Pittsburgh City Councilman Sala Udin was among the seventy-eight people that were pardoned today by President Obama.

According to Bob Bauder and Matthew Santoni of the Tribune-Review, Udin was carrying an unloaded rifle along with a bottle of moonshine in the trunk of his car in 1970 from Mississippi where he was part of the Freedom Riders in 1965 to advocate for voting rights and desegregation. Traveling back to Pittsburgh, Udin was pulled over in Louisville, KY.

The same year he was charged for illegally transporting firearms and untaxed alcohol across state lines. These charges caused Udin to serve seven months out of a five-year sentence in federal prison before he was paroled.

Despite such charges, Udin received a pardon for his various criminal charges that occurred from 1968 until 1970. President Obama looked past Udin’s criminal record and pardoned seventy-eight people including Udin, which reduced the number of federal convicts sentences to 153.

Over his eight years as Commander-in-Chief, Barack Obama has issued 148 pardons and 1,176 commutations.

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  1. Obama can Issue a Pardon for any level of Government not Just Federal Crimes whomever said he can just Pardon Federal Crimes is DEAD wrong .

  2. Elk County Neighbor should check out the folks Trump wants to appoint who have deliberately leaked classified information to foreign countries…

  3. BucksVoter, sorry to shatter your insane liberal fantasy, but the President can only pardon federal criminals. Mumia committed murder under state law, so your hero cop-killer will rot in state prison for the rest of his useless life.

  4. As a disbarred attorney, I, Frank Little, wish to be pardoned too. C’mon, Mr. President, we have a lot of crooked Democrats in Pennsylvania who need a bail-out!

  5. Sarah Sowden must have gone to Penn State. Pitt is a superior university in Pittsburgh. Pitt is NOT an appropriate abbreviation for the City of Pittsburgh.

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