President Obama Records Ad for Shapiro (VIDEO)

President Barack Obama is going to bat for Josh Shapiro.

The Montgomery County Commissioner and Attorney General candidate is running a new ad online featuring the President.

“I’m proud to endorse Josh Shapiro for Attorney General. He’ll keep fighting to get illegal guns off our streets, to keep our air and water clean, to defend a woman’s right to choose,” Pres. Obama states in the fifteen-second spot. “He represents a new generation of progressive leadership — Josh Shapiro for Attorney General.”

“Ever since we met in Pennsylvania a decade ago, I’ve admired Barack Obama and his thoughtful, courageous determination to bring about real change and advance the cause of justice,” responded Shapiro. “I am deeply honored to have earned a rare endorsement from the President. As Attorney General, I will carry on the fight to give a voice to the voiceless in Pennsylvania, bring about fairness in our justice system and continue to take on the status quo, just as President Obama has done throughout his career.”

President Obama is taking an active role in PA’s primaries, as he has also cut a radio commercial for Senate candidate Katie McGinty.

Shapiro is running against Allegheny County DA Stephen Zappala and Northampton County DA John Morganelli in the April 26th Democratic primary.

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8 thoughts on “President Obama Records Ad for Shapiro (VIDEO)”

  1. HaHaHa says:

    And now we find out that Zappala is “in” with the Clown Car behind the Kane smear campaign.

    What a POS. Someone should ask him if he has plans to re-hire Fina & The Corbett Pervs.

    “Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala Jr., who testified as an expert witness to the grand jury that recommended the charges against Kane, touts his experience overseeing grand juries for nearly two decade”


  2. aaron says:

    Has Fina resigned yet?

  3. Bob says:

    Josh Shapiro is the right man for Pennsylvania AG. Main reason I support Josh Shapiro is when serving in the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives he fought with his own party about the unethical use of daily per diems. When told by party leadership that is what they all did and he would have to go along to get along Shapiro said no ! He left the State House and was elected Mongomery County Commissioner where he has done a masterful job of restoring that county. Shapiro is a great administrator and is a man of the highest integrity. Both of these qualities are sorely missed in most polititicians of today’s political world.

  4. Zakrey Bissell says:

    Great Ad, and I wish of Vice President Joe Biden supports him as Pennsylvania’s next Attorney General in 2016.

  5. Valerie Kean Staab says:

    Josh Sharpiro is the best choice!

  6. Jim J says:

    I can only comment on one Black life that does not matter to Mr. Zappala. In the Leon Ford case, Zappala helped the Pittsburgh Police cover-up their shooting of an unarmed African American teenager. Zappala buried a report critical of the Police and prosecuted the innocent victim. Leon Ford was illegally stopped, illegally detained, cursed at, shouted at, and called a liar by Pittsburgh Police after they mistook him for someone else – a criminal named Lamont Ford. The White officers told Leon Ford that they would “get his Black ass out of his car” when they wanted “his Black ass out of the car.” Then they shot him 5 times and paralyzed him. They made up a story about being dragged by Mr. Ford’s car. And they made up a story about a gun in Mr. Ford’s car. There was no gun. Mr. Ford had his license, insurance and registration. They were all in order. And they all said “Leon Ford.” But that didn’t stop Zappala from charging Leon with felonies. Zappala is worse than Rahm Emanuel in Chicago.

  7. Rollo thomassey says:

    But now, suddenly, Black lives matter to the Bazzano-Zappala-Porter mafia because they vote and only a few of their “leaders” have sold out their souls to the devil.If even one person of color votes for Zappala, it will be one too many. His Uncle Charley doesn’t count. He’s Sicilian.

  8. NEPA Dem is a shill says:

    Zappala has Johnny Doc in his corner;

    Shapiro has POTUS.


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