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President Obama to Make Campaign Stop for Clinton-Kaine in Philly

Obama ClintonPresident Barack Obama will be coming to Philadelphia on September 13th.

The Commander-in-Chief will be stumping for the Hillary Clinton-Tim Kaine ticket and encouraging Pennsylvanians to register to vote. The voter registration deadline in PA is October 11th.

The President is enjoying good approval numbers in the Keystone State, the latest Franklin & Marshall poll had him at 52%, so it should not be a surprise that he would campaign for Clinton.

Nonetheless, there’s a complex history of outgoing Presidents campaigning for their party’s successor. For example, Lyndon Johnson and George W. Bush were too unpopular to help their party’s nominee. On the other hand, Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan stumped for their Vice Presidents.

Bill Clinton infamously wasn’t asked to campaign for his VP Al Gore (Clinton’s approval ratings were sky-high but his personal favorability numbers were still suffering from the Lewinsky scandal).

2016 won’t be a repeat of that episode as the President and former Secretary of State have both made it clear they view the election as a team effort. At the end of the President’s address during the third night of the Democratic Convention, Hillary Clinton came out on stage to share a “passing of the torch” moment.

The Clinton camp says that additional details about the Philadelphia event will be revealed in the coming days.  

2 Responses

  1. House oversight Committee who investigated Clinton said, Clinton used BleachBit to delete 33,000 e-mails. BleachBit is beyond simply deleting files, BleachBit includes advanced features such as shredding files to prevent recovery, wiping free disk space to hide traces of files deleted by other applications. Offers total privacy, and essentially prevents god and the FBI from investigating. I’m not sure why yoga classes needed BleachBit. How many lies can Clinton tell before people wake up!

    LEAVING AN OPEN WINDOW FOR TERROR: I question how the Boston bombers were interviewed twice by the FBI, and the Orlando gay night-club shooter was interviewed 3 times and the federal Govt under democrat policies are ignoring terrorist by pandering to their rights to terrorize. And the FBI cannot change dem policies, they can only continue to give warnings to law enforcement about preparing for terrorism. (FBI RELEASED FILM, THE COMING STORM) ISIS is actively recruiting in the west and terror appears to be accelerating under dem policies.

    NEWER BACK DOOR APPROACH; ARE FOREIGN COUNTRIES AND ISIS TERRORIST GROWING AND EASILY GAINING ACCESS TO THE UNITED STATES BASED ON INCENTIVES FROM PAY TO PLAY CONCEPTS? Will Obama collect from Saudi Arabia and other regimes if he is prodded to replicate the Clinton foundation once he leaves office? Clintons’ foundation collected 25 million from Saudi Arabia (15 terrorist on 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia) plus tens of millions from other WOMAN HATING & GAY TORTURING regimes. Even if the Clinton foundation temporary shuts down international monies only if elected, a promise to pay or lateral move can still be in play.

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