President Obama Visits PA

President Obama made his first visit since announcing his re-election this past week, to Bucks County, PA. The Morning Call reports:

“This trip is certainly a touch of foreshadowing of the year and a half to come — Pennsylvania can expect multiple visits from Obama as he attempts to re-energize those who voted for him before.”

The visit was at a town hall meeting at a wind-turbine plant where Obama discussed energy policy as well as politics.

“I do not think the president can win re-election without Pennsylvania, I think it is that simple,” said Larry Ceisler, a Philadelphia-based Democratic consultant. “We’re still considered a swing state and if people thought we were swinging to the Democratic side based on the last presidential elections, all you have to do is look at the last midterm.”

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One thought on “President Obama Visits PA”

  1. Get Smart says:

    The Independence Hall Tea Party held a “Drill More, Spend Less” Press Conference to mark the ocassion.

    If the President does not achieve either objective, he will lose Pennsylvania.

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