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Preview: Chase For Governor’s Mansion

Governor's mansion in Harrisburg

The race for the governor’s mansion in Harrisburg is a five-person contest between Democrat Josh Shapiro, Republican Doug Mastriano, Libertarian Matt Hackenburg, Keystone Party candidate Joe Soloski and Green Party nominee Christina “PK” DiGiulio.

Josh ShapiroJosh Shapiro (D)
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Age: 49 | Education: Rochester ’95 | Resides: Abington


  • defend access to reproductive health care — and continue to defend a woman’s right to choose in Pennsylvania
  • create thousands of good-paying, union jobs
  • investing in infrastructure and spurring innovation
  • spearheading smart, data-driven criminal justice reform
  • issue gas tax refunds of $250 for every personal passenger vehicle registered in the Commonwealth, up to four per household (or $1,000)
  • fully fund our schools—especially those that have been chronically underfunded
  • appointing at least two parents to the State Board of Education
  • promote solar projects and adopt measures to increase access to renewable energy sources
  • prioritize expanding access to quality, affordable broadband to rural communities
  • veto any efforts to restrict mail-in voting, expand early voting, and set up automatic voter registration


Campaign Finances (Sep 20 – Oct 24)

  • Raised: $14,316,870
  • Spent: $19,505,082
  • Cash On Hand: $5,754,650


Doug Mastriano (R)
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Age: 58 | Education: Eastern ’86; U.S. Army War College ’12; U. of New Brunswick ’13 | Resides: Fayetteville


  • put an end to Wolf’s mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and his draconian covid restrictions
  • appoint a Secretary of State who will secure our elections from fraud
  • eliminate “no-excuse” mail-in voting, get rid of drop boxes, and pass universal voter ID
  • make Pennsylvania a “2nd Amendment Sanctuary” and a safe, constitutional carry state
  • sign the Heartbeat bill into law, end funding to Planned Parenthood, and expand counseling for adoption services
  • ban the use of public benefits for illegal immigrants and sign legislation that strengthens and expands the “E-Verify” law to ensure employers cannot hire illegal immigrants
  • strengthen and enforce statewide curriculum transparency requirements, and work with the legislature to establish a universal “Parental Rights” statute
  • place an immediate ban on biological males in girls’ locker rooms and restrooms; ban biological males from competing in girls’ sports
  • bring school choice to Pennsylvania families
  • prohibit public officials from accepting gifts from lobbyists and special interest groups


Campaign Finances (Sep 20 – Oct 24)

  • Raised: $1,968,981
  • Spent: $3,204,281
  • Cash On Hand: $1,333,616


Matt Hackenburg Matt Hackenburg (L)
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Age: 38 | Education: RIT ’07 | Resides: Lower Mount Bethel Twp.


  • As long as you’re not harming anyone, you have the right to choose how you live, no exceptions
  • parents know best how to raise our kids, and the State shouldn’t come between us
  • The second amendment shall not be infringed
  • We are not free if we don’t have body autonomy
  • nothing coming between you and your personal health decisions
  • Any and all laws coming from corrupt D.C. that infringe on our rights should be nullified and made unenforceable


Campaign Finances (Sep 20 – Oct 24)

  • Raised: $133
  • Spent: $604
  • Cash On Hand: $67


Joe Soloski (K)
Website | Facebook | Twitter
Age: 65 | Education: IUP ’79 | Resides: State College


  • Changing to a six-month, part-time legislature
  • proposing a spending cut of at least 5% per year for every year that I am in office
  • proposing term limits for our elected state representatives
  • relinquish PA control of the distribution and sale of distilled spirits
  • pass legislation that decriminalizes cannabis
  • veto any bill that attempts to curtail our right to own a gun and to defend ourselves and our families
  • redrawing the Congressional Districts in Pennsylvania so that the District lines eliminate the disenfranchisement of voters
  • Parents and students need more choices when it comes to education
  • government should have no say in a woman’s decision to keep or end her pregnancy


Campaign Finances (Sep 20 – Oct 24)

  • Raised: $126
  • Spent: $201
  • Cash On Hand: $295


Christina “PK” DiGiulio (G)
Website | Facebook | Twitter
Age: 44 | Education: Lock Haven ’02 | Resides: Upper Uwchlan



  • Healthcare is a human right that must be provided to all. Abortion is womens healthcare
  • support an Economic Bill of Rights that includes a $20 minimum wage, a guaranteed income above poverty, state-level Medicare-for-All, affordable housing and child care, tuition-free public college
  • support expanding absentee/mail-in voting by not requiring an excuse because it makes voting more accessible to particular demographics
  • We need a New Green Deal. RGGI is a “pay to pollute” program
  • Universal background checks are a small and reasonable step toward gun safety
  • Funding schools through property leads to inequity. A child’s zip code must not determine the quality of their education


Campaign Finances (Sep 20 – Oct 24)

  • Raised: N/A
  • Spent: N/A
  • Cash On Hand: N/A


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