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Primary Warning for Fitzpatrick

By Brittany Foster, Contributing Writer

Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick is used to running against rival Patrick Murphy to represent Pennsylvania’s 8th district, but he may have competition in the primary this time.

Originally elected in 2005, Fitzpatrick represented the district until 2007 when he was defeated by Murphy but took the seat from Murphy again in 2010. Enter Jennifer Stefano, Director of Policy for Labor and Industry for the Tea Party-affiliated Pennsylvania Americans For Prosperity.

“If you had asked me two weeks ago if I were running for Congress, I would have dismissed it immediately,” Stefano wrote in an email to PoliticsPA (and, apparently, The Hill).  “That is, until Mike Fitzpatrick voted against reigning in the out of control National Labor Relations Board,” she said. “Through that vote, Rep. Fitzpatrick is continuing to empower a job killing federal agency to have the final say over whether or not American businesses can open or relocate in a state, including Pennsylvania.”

Her inclination to run was first reported by GrassrootsPA.

PoliticsPA is seeking a reaction from Fitzpatrick’s office.

The National Labor Relations Board handles fair representation of unions and investigates unfair business practices. Stefano also opposes so-called “political expediency” and urges Fitzpatrick to work toward substantive fiscal reform.

“I believe it is now my moral obligation to listen to those who have come forward to offer support and to encourage me to run,” Stefano declared.

Stefano is also a frequent guest on the cable news circuit. Here’s a March 2010 appearance on Fox News:

8 Responses

  1. It amuses me that the Koch brothers have become the boogeyman to crazed uninformed liberals the way George Soros is the boogeyman to crazed uninformed conservatives. Gotta love conspiracy theorists of all political stripes. Politics would be humorless without them.

  2. Sure she can “raise” the money. The Kochs and others stand ready with their secret, unnamed, corporate funds to buy any election they want. Can she beat Murphy? Very doubtful. The people of Bucks Co, et al, are too smart to want another Christine O’Donnell making fools of them, and they do NOT buy the idea that giving massive benefits to the very rich will create jobs. In fact over the last decade, massive tax cuts to the very rich CEOs has resulted in steep declines in the work forces of their companies. Check it out.

  3. Jen Stefano has an instinctive understanding a limited government and free market principles which she articulates with clarity.

    Jen Stefano is completely independent of unions which are key driving force for bigger government.

    Jen Stefano has high and positive name recognition in the district as well as a network ready to promote her candidacy. I would think she could raise the money to run a primary.

  4. Is she kidding? Run against Mike Fitzpatrick because he voted against a bill that he felt never addressed the NLRB’s crazy anti-business complaint against the Boeing Co. (and not likely to pass the Senate). Fitzpatrick took a strong stance against the NLRB early on, demanding it withdraw its complaint against Boeing. Pro-business? Stefano has had a “knee-jerk” moment, over-reacting and uninformed. Also, some history: Three tea party folks like Stefano ran against Fitzpatrick in last year’s primary and lost. But, if any of them had won, we’d be stuck with the far left Murphy. Can Stefano spell Christine O’Donnell?

  5. There is that buzz phrase again, ‘job-killing.’ The American public will only buy it for so long.

  6. Mike Fitzpatrick has made several foolish votes in the past; this is just another. The fact that he gets bought off by the union bosses isn’t surprising. I hope Jennifer runs against him this time. She will have my vote and my financial support as well. It used to go to Mike.

  7. The Koch brothers once again are trying to infiltrate and take over the Republican Party. This is not Traditional Conservative against Movement Conservative, this is sheer fratracide, plan and simple.

    These guys will use the Tea Party, AFP, you name the organization, these guys have the money and the will. They and their father have been at this for 50+ years. Through the Father?? The John Birch Society. We should wake up, and smell the burning embers of our home, The Republican Party.

    And if they succeed, the Republican Party as we know it will be no more. Democrats have NEVER had such a clear shot at killing us off, than like this….

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