Priorities: Ryan Budget Bad For Middle Class (Watch Video)

Priorities USA Action launched a new ad today attacking Rep Paul Ryan’s budget plan as being a burden for the middle class – but not for Mitt Romney.

The ad, titled “Small-Minded,” is airing in six states, including Pennsylvania.

The ad starts by quoting Romney with his most recent comments on the public’s questioning over what his tax rate is, saying that “I never paid less than 13 percent.”

Following this the ad – in typical Priorities fashion – taunts Romney and Ryan with a shot of the running mates encircled by a heart, and says that Romney would be the Ryan budget’s greatest beneficiary.

“But under one of Paul Ryan’s budget plans, Romney would pay only 1 percent. That’s right. Mitt Romney’s worth $200 million, but under Paul Ryan’s budget, he’d pay only 1 percent in taxes, while middle class families would pay $1,000 more,” the ad says.

Romney Spokesperson Kate Meriwether said Priorities Action USA is pointing the blame in the wrong direction.

“This is another false ad from a widely denounced group with zero credibility. There’s only one candidate in this race who has promised to raise taxes – Barack Obama,” Meriwether said.

“Mitt Romney supports revenue-neutral tax reform that lowers rates across the board – for all taxpayers – and maintains the progressivity of the current code. President Obama’s failed policies have led to record-level unemployment and 23 million Americans struggling for work. Mitt Romney’s Plan for a Stronger Middle Class will mean more jobs, more take-home pay and a stronger economy.”

While this ad from Priorities Action USA is not nearly as brutal as their most recent ad widely denounced from all sides, it appears they are not prepared to step off the gas with negative ads thus far in the campaign season.

However, with Americans for Prosperity and Restore our Future churning out ads, and a shrinking Obama lead in the Keystone State, the pro-Obama super PAC may not be able to afford easing up now.

3 Responses

  1. Romney created the first working model of Obamacare and now rails against it. Ryan has voted for every bank bailout, oil subsidy, Bush expansion of Medicare, highway bill (not surprising since he owes his inherited fortune to gov road work), ear mark for his district, voted against duties on imports to protect jobs from unfair trading (China), he argued for Keynesian deficit spending during the Bush era (on the floor of the house-Cspan) and now he’ll “protect jobs” and is a “deficit hawk”? When you compare their past votes to their recent plans, how can anyone feel comfortable with any plan put forth for a Romney presidency?

    PS: Obama isn’t going to have his face on Mt Rushmore or given an award for living up to his campaign rhetoric, but I haven’t got a clue what the Romney/Ryan team would do once in office.

  2. 97% of all income growth has gone to the top one percent under President Obama. Guess that means the crumbs left over for the middle class shows his concern for us. Plus, Obama will not prosecute his top bundler, Jon Corzine, who stole 1.2 billion dollars from his clients at MF Global. Banana Republic! Thank God he is ordering assasinations against American citizens abroad – without judicial process – who government bureaucrats suspect of being involved in terrorism (the same guys who suspected Saddam of having WMD). Bring those drones home and put us out of our misery.

  3. To the “effette corps of impudent snobs” that control Keith the Candidate Rothfus and his Beltway elitist friends like Paul Ryan and the US Chamber: Why in God’s name are you promoting a class war against Western PA Seniors?? A Class War against Western PA Seniors is just plain UNAMERICAN!!

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