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Pro-Lifers Back Murphy

Two politically active pro-life organizations – National Right to Life PAC and the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation PAC – have endorsed Rep. Tim Murphy against a conservative primary challenger.

In its endorsement letter to Congressman Murphy, the National Right to Life PAC wrote, “We believe that your exemplary pro-life record has earned you the support of all voters who are concerned with the right to life and with the protection of the most vulnerable members of the human family.”

The endorsement strengthens Murphy’s case to primary voters in the face of a challenge from Evan Feinberg. For many Republican voters – particularly in conservative southwestern Pa. – the issue is a key litmus test.

Murphy’s critics – including Feinberg – have sought to brand him as an Arlen Specter Republican. But the issue of abortion draws a sharp contrast between the two. Even as a Republican, Specter consistently backed abortion rights. Murphy, on the other hand, has enjoyed steady support from the pro-life community.

“I am committed to upholding the sanctity of life, protecting the rights of the unborn and ensuring that federal tax revenues are never used to pay for abortions,” Murphy said in a statement. “Protecting life is a fundamental core value which I will champion in Congress 100% of the time.”

Update 3:30pm: Reaction from Feinberg

“I’m 100% pro-life and helped write legislation to protect the unborn for pro-life stalwart, Sen. Tom Coburn. The contrast in this race is that my conservative message of limited government, pro-growth policy and honest governance sets me apart from the two big-government liberals in the race.”

The Democratic candidate, Washington County Commissioner Larry Maggi, also identifies as pro-life.

Also, fun religious trivia. Murphy’s press release noted that he and wife Nan are active members of St. Thomas More Roman Catholic Church. Feinberg is an evangelical Christian.

7 Responses

  1. Feinberg and his small circle are the ugliest most destructive people to ever engage in politics in Pittsburgh. They attack Congressman Murphy and anyone who supports him with such hateful venom. I am going to do all I can to make sure Feinberg is defeated and I ask all voters to cast their vote for our Congressman Tim Murphy who is a class act all around.

  2. Usually, they are not going to endorse a non-incumbent if the incumbent has a record that they have supported before. Advocacy groups are about raising money first. And they know an incumbent is more of a sure bet. If they endorse the challenger and the incumbent wins, often, the incumbent will become vindictive. Just ask Congressman Murphy about people that don’t always agree with him…they become expendable.

  3. Actually, they will endorse candidates not in office yet, but usually they will note that it is only on what you’ve said and you have no voting record yet to back it up. The NRA does the same thing.

  4. Glad to see grassroots support step up and recognize all the work Murphy does on social conservative issues like prolife and Defense of Marriage. Murphy’s record on these things is very conservative and he deserved this endorsement big time!

  5. Don’t you need a record of voting in order for organizations to endorse you? I believe this is the case for the NRA. Feinberg has no voting record…yet.

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