Prominent Activist Calls for Kane’s Disbarment

Kane-sadGene Stilp is a prominent figure in Harrisburg as one of the most well-known political activists in the commonwealth.

He made his name during the infamous 2005 pay raise episode and ran for Congress in 2012.

Now Stilp is filing his second official disciplinary complaint, calling for Kane’s law license suspension to become permanent after her second perjury charge.

“Without full disbarment, the rules of professional conduct for attorneys are being shredded by Kane’s behavior, especially in light of Kane’s position as attorney general,” he stated.

“We certainly respect Mr. Stilp’s right to pursue whatever course he wishes but that doesn’t change the attorney general’s position in that she continues to claim her innocence and intends to remain on the job,” Kane’s spokesman Chuck Ardo responded.

Stilp also advocated for Justice Eakin to recuse himself from any decisions involving Kane. The Attorney General revealed details about Eakin’s involvement in the lewd email chains after her latest arraignment.

30 Responses

  1. Where are the usual suspects to say “she’s done” or “it’s over” or “Kalamity Kane will be out before month’s end”?

    Have they gotten sick of being wrong?

  2. DD – Is that criminal still employed by the AG’s Office? I wonder if he has started to “sing” yet … “kanesdriver” may be MTG now … like he was “Jessica Myers” before …

  3. Good for you, Dave. Feel better about yourself? At least you’re fighting for a good cause: a grossly incompetent and wildly egomaniacal embarrassment for the Democratic Party.

  4. Multi Tasker General-

    The “guy I got” was a Special Agent with the OAG’s office trashing Kane (his boss) more than I trash Sestak, only he was doing it anonymously and claiming to have inside information that may have been restricted/confidential.

    He must have been very concerned because he deleted/disabled his Disqus account in an attempt to hide his 193 posting on PhillyNews.

  5. MTG – I am sorry, but you are too stupid for a substantive response from me. Get off my jock and then GET A CLUE.

  6. HaHaHa, so you get owned repeatedly and all you got is this guy = that guy? You and Diano are so transparently uninformed that I’m almost embarrassed for you.

  7. “You really have to wonder how they make it through the day without a chaperone.”

    When neither AG-Kane nor Hillary make it into 2016, Ha3 and DD will need a padded-cell.

  8. Pat Unger = HaHaHa

    HaHaHa = Whereiskanesdriver

    Whereiskanesdriver = BustaPerv

    Not to mention Copper and Platinum on

  9. Aaron, you got that right. I could say, Hey HaHaHa, Pennsylvania Rule of Criminal Procedure 1234(b) says the following… And HaHaHa would respond along the lines of “LOL, Larry is such a shill. This is all a Repervlican setup.” It’s nonsense, but that seems to be how the fringe element thinks. Of course, they have backed themselves into a corner. If this is truly politically motivated and Kane did nothing wrong, then she must be acquitted. If she pleads guilty or is found guilty by a jury, then the amateur lawyers HaHaHa and Gayvid Diano have showed themselves to be complete fools (again). Those of us who are not on powerful anti-psychotic meds know exactly how this will end. Kane will do a year or two in prison. And then, H3 and Diano will try spinning “beyond a reasonable doubt” and possibly even an apology from Kane into a Republican plot that somehow manipulated that result. You really have to wonder how they make it through the day without a chaperone.

  10. Pat Unger-

    Last week, I outed “kanesdriver” as Special Agent Robert Marsili of the Pittsburgh OAG (Office of Attorney General). Robert subsequently tried covering his tracks by hiding his LinkedIn page and disabling/deleting his Disqus account (where he posted 193 comments to PhillyNews and similar sites, mostly about Kane).

    I don’t think he and Larry are the same person.

    I suspect Robert is taking a break from posting (and from sitting), assuming his boss chewed his ass out. Also, since “kanesdriver” claimed “inside information”, I would hope they confiscated his computer (work and home) and subjected it to a forensic analysis.

  11. So how many porn emails was Corbett himself involved with? That would be a good point for some intrepid reporter to pursue.

  12. LOL @ Larry and his “every criminal law expert” … As if that doesn’t expose him for the shill that he is.

    The truth is that the manufactured “case” against Kane was the real misdirection move … designed to attack Kane before she exposed the truth about the racist, sexist perverts that Corbett employed at the OAG.

  13. Montco PA Dem-

    Couldn’t he get an inflatable woman, or is he just into farm animals?

  14. Pat Unger, that’s not a “great story.” It simply quotes Kane and her lawyers on their defense theory. That doesn’t make it true, no matter how many times she trots out this nonsense. Every political and criminal law expert that has been interviewed agrees: this is blatant misdirection and lying by Kane and her team. The porn, while terrible, has nothing to do with the allegations against Kane.

  15. This is ridiculous. Yes, the prominent attorney thinks that Kane should be disbarred–OH WAIT, Stilp isn’t an attorney.

    Gene…it’s not funny anymore. STFU

  16. Kane is an embarrassing train wreck who demonstrates daily that she is not very bright and not right in the head. But the very first sentence of this piece is laughable. Gene Stilp is an old man with the mind and personality of a poorly disciplined child.

  17. “One of the most well-known political activists”…..Based on what facts or poll?

    Who are the others?

    Sometimes this “journalism” is just blather.

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