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PSA to Candidates: Buy Your Domain Name

Pawlowski Japanese site

A tip to candidates and campaign pros: buying your domain name is now more important than buying yard signs.

In an age where virtually everyone with $10 can buy a URL, it is crucial for politicians to purchase as many domain variations of their name as possible.

Ask Allentown Mayor and governor candidate Ed Pawlowski, PA-13 candidate Marjorie Margolies and the actual, real State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe.

All three are now suffering from anonymous online mischief. Pawlowski is the latest victim.

If you’re looking for information about the Lehigh Valley candidate for governor, avoid As Emily Opilo of the Allentown Morning Call discovered, that’s the website for you if you want toned legs and happen to be fluent in Japanese.

The cream advertised on the Pawlowski site promises legs free of flab, which is either a niche section of the Pawlowski platform to garner the votes of self-conscious teens or a horrible coincidence. Those seeking information about Pawlowski’s real campaign for Pennsylvania can find that information at, a fine website though entirely devoid of nude and skinny legs.

While the Pawlowski-leg-cream website may merely be an unfortunate coincidence, Marjorie Margolies is a casualty of targeted website shenanigans. If you end up at, as many might do in their regular internet surfing, you’ll see the full text of legislation that she supported in 1994 that would raise the age of Social Security eligibility and limit cost of living adjustments.

It’s not exactly something to brag about in a competitive Democratic primary. Margolies faces three opponents in the PA-13 congressional race.

The Margolies campaign is undoubtedly perturbed that this bill is back in focus. She supported it back when PA-13 was a competitive swing district and Democrats needed to move to the middle to win.

Her actual website is here:

Finally, hooliganism reaches new depths with The controversial state representative is never short on enemies, but this time it seems as though he offended someone with dazzling Photoshop and web editing skills. Metcalfe is featured on the homepage of the page wearing a Burger King crown. With savage subpages including, “Hello Taxpayers?,” “Entourage,” and “Driving Mr. Daryl,” this Daryl-hater casts quite the aspersion on Metcalfe.

“We have come to believe that secretly, Daryl is also a rapper, a profession not exactly known for its love of frugality. We draw this conclusion because Daryl travels a lot, and always seems to have an entourage with him. Of course, that entourage is also entitled to stay in hotel room at your expense, since Daryl submits all the bills to the taxpayers.”

Cyber bullying isn’t just for the 13 year olds anymore, politicos. Watch your websites.

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