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PWF Prepare for Sen. Scott Wagner’s “Moving Day”

Moving Van“In the event that the Democrats gain control of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court – my suggestion to you is this – sell everything you own in Pennsylvania and move to another state as fast as you can.”

That was what State Sen. Scott Wagner wrote in an email to supporters to urge them to vote on Election Day.

Now, in the wake of the Democratic sweep, Pennsylvania Working Families wants the legislator to eat his words.

How far is PWF willing to go with this? Well, they’ve apparently rented a moving van and are planning a visit to the State Senator’s office.

With the Democrats sweeping last week’s Supreme Court elections as Pennsylvanians rejected Wagner’s brand of extreme politics, York residents and activists will gather outside of Wagner’s York office at 2:00 p.m. on Friday with a moving van to help Wagner follow through with his statement,” PWF Communications Director Amy Fetherolf writes in an email blast to supporters. “It’s time for Sen. Wagner to live up to his bombastic threats and move to another state.”

What does Sen. Wagner think of all this?

“The comments that our office receives are overwhelmingly supportive of Senator Wagner,” Sen. Wagner’s Chief of Staff Jason High told PoliticsPA. “Miss Fetherolf and her Philadelphia-based, union-financed group may not like Scott, but they’re not going to change the minds of the people of York County with political stunts like this one.”

14 Responses

  1. Wagner is just like Howard Eskin in Philadelphia he loves the shock factor. But he’ll side with his cacus to allow them to continue to collect THEIR pension and put everyone else into a 401k.
    Wagner is a multi millionaire and I don’t knock him for that but you make a comment like leave the state if Democrats win is now acting like a 1% er.
    Why doesn’t he sue the state for how it’s been Gerrymandered. Oh that’s right the Dems. would be in seniority.
    Only thing Wagner did was get rid of Dominick Pillegi and got his buddy in.
    Guy is an jack ass.

  2. He should stick to being a trashman, full time. Is he collecting a DB pension or did he refuse this benefit of employment with the state?

  3. I do not understand why any group or individual would waste their time giving Sen. Wagner an additional forum.

  4. Here is what i like about Scott Wagner, he says what he means, and means what he says! He says screw PC, hey he believes in free speech, lefty’s only believe in free speech when they are doing the talking.You better get use to him speaking out, he is going to be around a long time, todays brand of politics demands the truth, no more of telling the people whqt they want to hear, that brand does not sell!!!!!

  5. A political stunt… kind of like telling people to move if you don’t get your way in a judicial race?

    I’m reasonably able bodied. I would be more than happy to help Sen. Wagner pack up so he can move to a more suitable state, like, say, Mississippi.

  6. Soooo you can make any statement and you don’t have to follow them. Sounds like a conservative to me.

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