Q Poll: Corbett Numbers Remain Negative, Trails 3 Dems

Tom Corbett upsetRob McCord, Allyson Schwartz and Joe Sestak don’t have particularly impressive name ID among registered voters, but they all share one key characteristic: they are not Tom Corbett.

The latest survey from Quinnipiac shows the trio of Democrats leading the Governor, whose job approval rating and other numbers are upside down. Corbett’s bad numbers are driven by strong disapproval from women.

By 18 points, 50% to 32%, respondents said Corbett does not deserve to be re-election. Men opposed his re-election 46% to 39%, while women said no by a 2 to 1 margin, 54% to 27%.

47% to 38%, respondents disapprove the way Corbett is handling his job as Governor. It’s 44% to 43% negative among men, 50%-34% negative among women.

His personal favorability numbers are negative, too: 43% to 29%. 41% to 36% among men, 45% to 23% among women.

Corbett has a gender gap of 20 points, 15 points and 17 points, respectively.

“Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett gets a triple dose of bad news. Three Democratic challengers would beat him handily if the election for governor were held today,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

“Fortunately for Gov. Corbett, the election is not today. He has 18 months to turn things around.”

Respondents generally had a pessimistic view of the state’s economy and also disapprove the job the state legislature’s job performance 52% to 29%.

The margins of the poll results are in line with other recent surveys but with slightly more undecided. The percentage of respondents who disapprove Corbett is down from March, as is the percentage of those who approve him.

At least Corbett is doing better among Republican voters, whom earlier polls had shown were willing to stray from the incumbent.

Despite each Democrat having name ID of less than 50%, all three lead the the Governor.

State Treasurer Rob McCord is ahead 44% to 35%; Congresswoman Schwartz leads 47% to 34%, and former Congressman Joe Sestak has the widest margin, winning 48% to 34%.

McCord has name ID of 14%, Schwartz 30% and Sestak 42%.

Quinnipiac surveyed 1,235 registered voters from April 19 to 24 via live interviews to landlines and cell phones. The margin of error is plus or minus 2.8%

11 Responses

  1. I really don’t understand you Republicans at all. You CLEARLY have a loser in Corbett. You refuse to get behind Castor out of fear of falling from favor in the short term with Corbett and in the long term with Asher. You are doing NOTHING to recruit someone else who could win. As is always the case with your team, you would rather go over the falls altogether than lose the immediate patronage Corbett gives you, and hope that the Candy King will look in your direction sometime in the future. Meantime, not only do you lose the governorship, you may lose the senate and even the house to boot. You are the MINORITY party! You can’t make such mistakes (or ANY mistakes for that matter) and hope to remain in power. How is is possible you can bungle this so completely? Is ANYONE THINKING in Camp GOP? Oh, and while laughable to us Democrats, you do realize that you have allowed the feud between Bob Asher and Bruce Castor to destroy your long term hopes forever. You get that, right? Your biggest gem in terms of votes an money WAS Montgomery County which Asher sold out forever in a vain attempt to stop Castor. All he did, was get his ally and former GOP LG nominee, Jim Matthews, locked up, advance Castor’s profile, AND lose the county forever to us. The GOP party organization is a joke with a complete buffoon at its head. You make it too easy for us. Of course, we might mess it up in our own primary, but at least our nominee will have a ton of name ID coming out of that primary…and will not be named “Tom Corbett.” That means we win. It is so obvious you need a change and, well, your pride and foolishness means the state is about to go the way of Montgomery County. Bob Asher is the greatest hero we Democrats have to thank. All Hail the Candy King! Really, how can you be so dumb?

  2. ProudLiberal-
    I’m from Delco too, and Sestak is an embarrassment to real Democrats and progressives. I’ve seen Sestak from Day One (when he first opened his office and announced). The guy is a total stiff.

    Pedophilic? That must be the vibe you get. I was thinking more “succubus” more “Dorian Gray” (and was clearly being sarcastic).

    However, he IS creepy. It’s one of the most common complaints I hear about him. In 2010, someone from my office saw him for the very first time (when he did that early debate with Toomey) and her comment was “Boy, that guy is creepy”.

    I post A LOT of things about his policies. His votes with Bush for Iraq War funding (in violation of his campaign promises), his votes for telecom immunity, and warrantless wiretaps. I’m pretty convinced that Sestak actually supported the Iraq War (and war in general). Also, he was very critical of Obama’s plans for pulling out Afghanistan. I haven’t seen any real behavior from him I would associate with the peace movement. BTW, he seems to revel whenever there is some military incident in the news, because it gets him on Fox or MSNBC. But, he usually blows half his time with some meaningless anecdote, and ever gets to answer a question.

    I also hit him for his betrayals of local democrats and how he makes promises behind close doors then breaks them. The man is simply not to be trusted.

    But it goes beyond that. Sestak is destructive to the Democratic party. He’s a blight who has sucked many millions of dollars from Democrats for no real political return-on-investment. What have we gotten? A one-term congressman. (I can’t even say two-term, because he spent his entire second term running for Senate). He cost us the Senate (not only PA, but diverted money that could have helped Russ Feingold). He contributed to deeper losses downticket because he REFUSED to be part of a coordinated campaign and ran away from the Democratic party. In the Primary, he campaigned on wanting to LEAD the ticket. That’s the kind of “leader” Sestak really is.

  3. Mr. Diano, your personal attacks against Joe Sestak are getting pathetic and repugnant.

    I’m from Delco, and I’ve met Sestak and heard him speak many times. Inarticulate and lacking a sense of humor, he is not. Then you go on to call him an “alien vampire” and imply he has some sort of pedophilic tendencies. I feel embarrassed for you. A grown man should find better things to do with his time.

    Just stop. If you disagree with Sestak’s policies, then please post about them. But stop with personal attacks like these. Find a candidate who you support and promote him or her, instead of maliciously tearing down others.

    And before you accuse me of being sycophant for Sestak, know that I’m supporting Allyson Schwartz for governor whether Sestak joins the race or not.

  4. If you look at character, the republicans can easily destroy Schwartz’s character. It will be hard to go after someone who was an admiral.

  5. B.J.
    I think you mean when McCord and Schwartz get done with Joe Sestak.

    Joe’s an inarticulate, pompous windbag without any sense of humor. Side-by-side with real Democrats, he will have all the appeal of a canker sore.

    Face it, Joe’s just kind of creepy. When he talks about how much he likes working with young people and is invigorated by their energy, he sounds like some kind of alien vampire. I half expect a tentacle to come of mouth, latch onto some poor student, and leave a desiccated husk.

  6. Once Sestak and McCord get done with Schwartz, she’ll be unelectable in a statewide general. Dems better hope she doesn’t win the primary.

  7. The numbers for Sestak and Schwartz against Corbett are statistically a tie (well within the margin of error, and possibly just due to round-off, 48/34 vs 47/34).

    This is significant since Schwartz’s name-id is only 30% compared to Sestak with 42% name-id.

    Also, in a primary match up with all 7 candidates, Schwartz and Sestak “tie” with 15% each (and around 60% undecided). Again, this is a tie, despite Sestak having 40% more relative name-id.

    Once Schwartz spends some of that $3 million on hand to put out some ads, her ID is going to go way up.

  8. Allyson Schwartz is only beating Corbett because nobody has told the public how extreme she is. Her numbers will plummet once people start paying attention.

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