Q Poll: Obama PA Approval Lowest Ever

President Obama
President Obama

Pennsylvanians are not happy with the president and set a new record low approval rating for the Commander in Chief.

Pennsylvania voters gave Obama a negative 39% to 57% job approval rating, compared to his previous all-time low of 42% to 53% in an April 28, 2011, Quinnipiac University poll.

His harshest approval rating came from Republicans who gave him a negative score of 6% to 92%. Respondents in his own party supported him 73% to 20%. Independent voters weren’t as critical as Republicans, but still disapproved of the President 61% to 35%.

Women were kinder to the executive than men, giving him 42% approval compared to men’s 36%.


Pennsylvania’s senators performed almost identically when voters were asked about their job performance. U.S Sen. Bob Casey (D) got a positive 46% to 35% approval rating. Sen. Pat Toomey (R) earned 45% approval to 34% disapproval.

Casey performed fairly well across political ideologies. Liberals gave him 61%, moderates 53% and even conservatives give him 33%.

Toomey’s numbers were, again, almost a mirror image of Casey’s but with slightly lower numbers from moderates. Conservatives gave him 61%, moderates 38% and liberals give him 30%.

Neither Senator had a serious gender gap. Toomey performed better among men by 6 points; Casey had an advantage among men by just 4 points.

Quinnipiac University surveyed 1,061 registered voters from December 11 to 16 with a margin of error of plus or minus 3%. Live interviewers called land lines and cell phones.

15 Responses

  1. David,
    I know how hard it must be for you to read that this President has recordbreaking low polling–lower than Bush!, who you can’t stand–but, do you have to be such an apologist for the WORST POLLING EVER.


  2. The stock market has performed well under Obama. The welathy elites have prosperer under Obama.

    Who has not benefited from Obama Administration’s incumbency?

  3. Interesting spin Peggy, especially on the economy. But, your beef is not with me, it’s with the 61% of Pennsylvanians who do not approve of the job Obama has done after 5 years. As PoliticsPA reports, this is a record.

    I think people ask themselves, where are the jobs? What have you been doing? They expected the unemployment rate to improve because millions would be back to work (after 5 years) not because they quit the workforce altogether. This is just my guess as to ‘why?’ so many Pennsylvanians disapprove of the president. He’s got 3 more years, but I think it’ll be hard for him since most those polled have already lost their trust in him (you know, the whole thing, “you can keep your plan/doctor. Period.”) My family’s plan was recently canceled and it was very emotional around here–shattered opinions for some.
    History will tell for Mr. Obama, but our kids are learning that this president was not good for our family. Maybe he was for some, but most, as I suspect this poll unmasks, expected more rock and less talk after 5 years.

  4. What short memories these republicans have – the worst President! I think not! W holds that title. By the George Washington, how is your 401K doing? What was the stock market when W left office? What is it now? 16,000+. What was the unemployment rate when W left office? What is it now? 7%. I am proud that Barack Obama is our President. I worked hard to get him elected and if he could run for a third term, I would work even harder. Everyone has their opinions, and mine is President Obama will go down as one of the greatest Presidents, along with Bill Clinton and when Hillary is elected in 2016, she will also go down as one of the greatest.

  5. Obama worships Mao Zedong. I would rather have George Washington and all of his flaws that a Karl Marx wannabe.

  6. Maybe Obama should own some slaves and his public approval will approach GWashington’s?

  7. One wonders why anyone in Pa. then would re elect Dems in the House and Senate. All of those progressives will simply keep supporting Obama and his socialist attacks on free enterprise and our heritage, history and values. For pete’s sake, stop voting for libs and then once more get disappointed when they foul you up ..once more.

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