Q2: Shuster Challenger Loans Campaign $100K

Art Halvorson
Art Halvorson

Businessman Art Halvorson lent $100,000 to kickstart his effort to primary seven-term Congressman Bill Shuster (R-Blair).

He raised just $30,000 via other donors, including just over $15,000 from donors who share his last name.*

“We are pleased with the immediate response from principled conservative supporters across the country. In just a few weeks, we’ve been blessed with over $30,000 from more than 130 grassroots contributors,” Halvorson boasted.

Halvorson declared his candidacy in mid-May, halfway through the second quarter (which includes April, May and June). He cited Shuster’s support for House Speaker John Boehner as the impetus for the conservative primary challenge. He accused Boehner and House Republicans of being too flexible in their negotiations with Democrats.

Campaign finance rules prohibit candidates from receiving more than $5,200 in direct contributions from any individual, including themselves. Self-loans are permitted. In practice, they are seldom repaid.

“We do not expect to outspend an entrenched incumbent like Rep. Shuster, but we are committed to raising enough to win,” said Halvorson. “We will win on leadership, conservative values, and the support of my neighbors, without depending on money from big government special interest groups.”

His expectations are practical. Since becomming Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Shuster has been on a fundraising tear.

Shuster raised $647,000 in the second quarter, bringing his cash on hand to $916K.

Shuster campaign manager Sean Joyce fired back at Halvorson’s charge.

“Art Halvorson has a troubling lack of consistency. He claims to be against outside special interests, but he stands by as a special interest group falsely attacks Bill Shuster,” Joyce said, referring to an anti-Shuster radio ad from a DC-based PAC. “He talks about the support of his neighbors, almost 90% of what he raised was either from himself or someone else with the last name Halvorson.”

“Congressman Shuster is proud to have the support of hard working conservatives across the country. He has been able to raise money from likeminded voters who are proud to stand with us to fight Obamacare, and oppose the big spending policies that have led to record debt and deficits like the stimulus, and rebuild America’s roads.”

Halvorson, 57, moved to Mann’s Choice in Bedford County 5 years ago after serving 29 years in the U.S. Coast Guard. He runs a commercial development business with properties up and down the east coast. He is married with six children and six grandchildren.

*Updated with information from Halvorson’s FEC filing, which became available online after the original version of this story published.

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  2. Written on July 16 Franklin County has alot of new people. The population has increased by 50,000 in 10 years. This is our home now. I don’t consider my self D.C. tricked. I looked at the Art Halverson website, spoke with the man himself. He is friendly and cares about his country. He was in the Coast Guard and moved around alot.

    He moved to a place that is has community values and natural beauty that he wants to live in. Out of all the places he could choose from he picked Bedford County because of how special it is and he has the financial independence to do so unlike many of us who have to live we our job is.

    Shuster is a likable guy as one person described him in a post. I have never found him that approachable to find out. I want friendly, capable, fiscal conservative, Christian Character man for my U.S. Rep not a likable easy going guy who has got and kept his job for lack of quality competition. That is just me.

    I think I have found that in Art Halverson.

  3. CentPADem and Sean Joyce understand the shenanigans that are really going on in this race. Clearly the people of CD 09 do not want a family dynasty. But more importantly, they do not want a DC based PAC tricking us. Yes, we may be coal-miners and farmers but we are not dumb. The honest people of CD 09 will be voting for Travis Schooley. Scooley’s family has lived here for over 350 years, His family fought off the British and Schooley will fight Schuster and Halvorson. Grassroots is just warming up.

  4. @ “Old School”:

    Even Boehner admitted [shortly prior to his re-election as Speaker] that he would not again bypass the “normal order” by engaging in direct negotiation with the POTUS.

  5. Double talking Bill Shuster voted for 8 increases in the Debt Ceiling since taking office in 2001. Bill Shuster voted for every increase in the debt ceiling. How will he vote next time when debt ceiling increase comes up for a vote in September 2013?
    Madison Project PAC exposes Bill Shuster’s Record. It is not a pretty sight to the Forgotten Taxpayer. Madison Project is affiliated with Drew and Ned Ryun’s American Majority, one of the most effective conservative grassroots organizations in the country. http://www.conservativevotingrecords.com/member/pa-shuster-bill/
    Wednesday, July 10th, 2013 Daniel Horowitz

  6. Time for all these 2nd generation politicians to be voted OUT OUT OUT. Shuster, Sam Smith, Jake Corman etc. These seats belong to the PEOPLE, not a family.

  7. “He accused Boehner and House Republicans of being too flexible in their negotiations with Democrats.” – This guy gotta be nuts

  8. Art Halvorson is a TRUE CONSERVATIVE…a private business man, (NOT a career politician), he knows from EXPERIENCE what it takes to grow a business. He is JUST the type of person we NEED to bring back Fiscal SANITY and COMMON SENSE to our government.

  9. Big Government Bill Shuster is everything wrong with Republican Party.

    Art Halvorson is the real deal.

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