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Q3: $763K for Toomey, $330K for Sestak, $101K for Casey

Pat Toomey
Pat Toomey

Sen. Pat Toomey maintained a brisk pace during the third fundraising quarter, bringing in over three quarters of a million dollars in July, August and September.

The FEC website continues to experience problems in the wake of the shutdown, meaning many reports are not available online.

The campaigns of Sen. Toomey and Sen. Bob Casey provided copies of the Q3 reports to PoliticsPA.

Toomey raised $763,229 in Q3 and spent $224,147, bringing him to $3,643,299 cash on hand.

80% of his contributions came from individual donors, including over $70,000 from unitemized donations. Donations are not required to be itemized when they fall under $200, meaning 10% of Toomey’s overall intake came from small donors.

Toomey’s Senate seat will be up in 2016.

Sen. Bob Casey raised $101,103 in Q3 and spent $115,938. He has $146,265 on hand. About half of his intake, 48% came from political action committees.

Joe Sestak’s exploratory Senate campaign did not furnish its report after requests from PoliticsPA.

However, based on an email and a little math, it appears he raised at least $330,000.

Sestak’s campaign sent an email to supporters in recent days boasting having raised over $1 million so far this year. His most recent fundraising report, filed in July, showed he had raised $670,000.

PoliticsPA will update this report with the official numbers when Sestak’s FEC report is available.

Update: Sestak’s report is in. He raised $335,346 this quarter and spent $40,234. He has nearly a million dollars on hand: $913,175.

2 Responses

  1. Sestak’s report is online:
    $335,346.13 raised
    $40,324.48 spent

    cash on hand: $913,175.44

    Joe’s still paying his brother $84.87 per month for “payroll”, and paying $582.96 a month for health care, presumably for his brother. (This is based on previous FEC filings where Joe’s brother was the only one listed for payroll, and there were similar health care payments.)
    The other staffers, like Joe’s Treasure, Edwin Wee are listed as “consultants”

    Sestak raised about $200 per donation entry.

    Toomey raised about $770 per donation entry

    This quarter, Toomey netted almost twice what Sestak did with far fewer donations. At this point, Toomey’s cash-on-hand is 4 times what Sestak has, and Toomey is not likely to face a primary challenge.

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