Q3: Margolies Leads the Pack

Marjorie Margolies

Marjorie Margolies

Former Congresswoman Marjorie Margolies brought in more than $237,000 during July, August and September. The total was put her ahead of her three opponents in the Democratic primary to succeed Allyson Schwartz.

She had a great deal of support from her former colleagues and a $2,600 check from a notable in-law: former President Bill Clinton.

Singer Barbara Streisand also chipped in $1,000.

The downside to Margolies’ strong quarter? She spent almost all of the money – 86% – of what she brought in the door.

Much of her spending went to fundraising consultants, whom she paid over $50,000 in the quarter.

Daylin Leach

State Sen. Daylin Leach’s haul was smaller in Q3 than it was in the second quarter. He raised $172,000 and has $377,000 on hand – the second largest stockpile of the four candidates.

His campaign noted that his total number of donors, 1,845, puts him far ahead of his competitors and sets the table for additional fundraising success in the future.

Physician and activist Valerie Arkoosh netted the most of the four candidates. She raised $228,563.00 and has $588,212.00 on hand. These numbers come from her campaign as the report is not yet posted on the FEC’s website.

State Rep. Brendan Boyle raised $151,256.14 and has $308,103.58 on hand.

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11 thoughts on “Q3: Margolies Leads the Pack”

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  2. DelcoProgressive says:

    Michael Kolodner, the 13th is a D+12 district. Even in the Republican wave of 2010, Schwartz won 56% of the vote. And it’s only been made more blue with redistricting. This seat isn’t going Republican any time soon. Daylin is liberal — and that’s a good thing. We need him speaking truth to power in DC!

  3. Glad that someone besides Daylin Leach is ahead. Come see how he lied to Pennsylvania women:


    “Politics Is Serious Business, We Need A Congressperson, Not A Clown”
    -Liberals Against Leach

  4. Chet royer says:

    Obviously, the InfoVoter comment comes from the campaign, but the points are credible. What must be remembered is campaigns cost money and that is why funds are raised. What also must be remembered is the mezvinsky campaign is philly based and focused. And in philly, everything costs money and people must be paid. Those endorsements they talk about; you think they just happen or come cheap?

  5. infovoter says:

    1. private vs. taxpayer funded campaigns. daylin/brendan are running their campaigns out of their state sen/rep offices…campaign operatives on senate campaign payrolls, pressers using their taxpayer-funded staff then sending out fundraising appeals off their taxpayer funded coverage… getting paid to do a full-time job by the taxpayers yet missing 25% of votes to campaign…
    arkoosh and margolies cannot shift expenses onto the taxpayer…(while daylin is telling folks margolies spent 85% of Q3 money – he in fact spent > 100% of his under the same analysis having raised 170k in Q3 and spent 180k total)

    as for arkoosh, she does not appear to be running a campaign…in Q3, margolies has announced the endorsement of 2 state senators, 1 state rep, 5 city councilpersons, and the first vice chair of the montco dems as well as commissioned/released a benchmark poll…arkoosh has released 2 web videos…that margolies burns at a faster rate than arkoosh reflects the difference between a functioning campaign and one going through the motions.

    2. cash-on-hand is only relevant at the point where cash is spent…we are 7+ months (or 2+ quarters) away from eday…6+ months from media buys…let’s see who wins next 2 quarters and what each candidate has on hand when it matters – in april 2014.

    3. Money in this race must be viewed in the context of polling numbers…we are currently at 80% name ID, 55% favorable, 43% elect, 33% strong elect, and 28 points separate us from the next strongest candidate….assuming our opponents continue their current pace of fundraising (which most likely is too generous) and burn at the same rate till media starts, va will have between 600k and 700k, dl will have between 500k and 600k, bb will have $400k and 500k…we are in a media market that demands a minimum of 500k/wk for tv…saturation is > 1MM/wk…should one week of tv really scare a candidate with a hard elect at 33%…reference, it took tom knox 12MM to get to low 30s in this media market.

  6. mjg32 says:

    I also ask- how is Marjorie in the lead with not much cash on hand? She isn’t! Considering the needs of the Commonwealth and the District along with the current political climate- I think Val Arkoosh is a refreshing choice.

  7. Michael Kolodner says:

    My concern is that the seat isn’t safe enough for someone as liberal as Daylin. His positions are wonderful, but I fear that he’s too liberal for the district and that if he’s in office, he could put the seat in play. Neither NE Philly nor Abington are all that progressive. A moderate Republican (Risa Vetri Ferman?) could make this a seat that Dems have to spend money and time defending, if not win it outright.

    Margolies too could put the seat in play, since she looks like she could end up cash-poor after a contested primary.

    This one is going to come down to money (as politics often does) and a well-organized grassroots effort. And cash-on-hand is a much better predictor than what you raise in a quarter.

  8. KSJW says:

    How is Margolies in the lead? She is in last place when it comes to what matters: cash on hand. She already shook down her limosine liberal friends for the max contribution. She’s hit her fundraising ceiling.

  9. David Darby says:

    Can you detail to what consultants and how much each made? That is unbelievable, how can she run a campaign? I am disappointed in this. But I bet she would vote to raise the debt ceiling.

  10. Matt M. says:

    I agree that Leach is a great candidate, but the legislature has made sure PA-7th is completely anti-competitive. (Swarthmore is now PA-1, but Media is still Pa-7? Please.) All the Republican has to do is sneeze.

  11. David Diano says:

    “The downside to Margolies’ strong quarter? She spent almost all of the money – 86% – of what she brought in the door.”

    Not a good sign for her.

    The campaigns all have several hundred thousand dollars and will in all likelihood wind up spending about $1 million each by May primary.

    I wish Daylin would use his million to run for the 7th against Meehan instead of the 13th, which is a safe Dem seat no matter which candidate wins. Meehan is a brainless puppet and really needs to go.

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