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Q4: Unopposed Incumbents Still Fundraise

cashCampaign wisdom will tell you that there are two ways to run: hard or unopposed, but based on the campaign finance reports from incumbents, many of them are running hard and unopposed.

Representatives are listed in order of district, the links will take you to each of their individual reports.

3rd — Rep. Mike Kelly [R-Butler]

Kelly’s report wasn’t available online, and while he has picked up three Democratic challengers, none of them filed campaign finance reports in 2013.

4th — Rep. Scott Perry [R-York]

The freshman Representative raised $73,679.90 in the fourth quarter, spent $59,816.60 and finished the year with $90,750.81.

5th — Rep. Glenn Thompson [R-Centre]

“GT” raised $122,928.97 in the fourth quarter, spent $138,677.16 and finished the year with $260,004.68.

Thompson was the biggest spender of the fourth quarter, in the category of unopposed incumbents.

7th — Rep. Patrick Meehan [R-Delaware]

Meehan raised $280,115.47, spent $92,473.88 and ended the year with $1,591,902.16

He raised the most and has the greatest cash on hand of any unopposed incumbent.

11th — Rep. Lou Barletta [R-Luzerne]

Barletta raised $100,957.69, spent $130,506.96 and ended the year with $163,348.80.

15th — Rep. Charles Dent [R-Lehigh]

Dent raised $137,180.06, spent $95,257.18 and ended the year with $545,983.94.

16th — Rep. Joseph Pitts [R-Chester]

Pitts will have a Democratic challenge from Tom Houghton, but at the end of the 4th quarter, he was unopposed. He raised $96,793.28, spent $71,969.67 and finished the year with $327,272.34


5 Responses

  1. Militant Republican is absolutely right. Democrats in PA have no one to thank but our friends in the state legislature who provided the votes to pass the disgraceful redistricting maps. The maps may have been drawn by the GOP, but the votes to make them law came from our side of the aisle.

  2. Thompson is not unopposed. And no one called him “GT” until he got to Washington and was apparently assigned an image consultant.

  3. People seem to forget that creating three Democratic seats in Philadelphia was what drove the redistricting in SEPA. Suburban Democrats should be complaining to Bob Brady not to the Repbublicans.

  4. Its a disgrace how badly gerrymandered these congressional districts are. Democrats should be lining up to take on an incompetent like Pat Meehan but he’s safe since the district was carved out to keep Democrats out of that seat. This is criminal.

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