Quinnipiac Poll: Clinton 45 Trump 40

Hillary TrumpWith an overwhelming number of candidates vying for the 2016 presidency, the new Quinnipiac Poll attempts to see for whom Pennsylvanians would vote if the election were today.

Although Vice President Joe Biden has not yet entered the race, his poll results indicate that he may have a successful run against various candidates.

“In head-to-head matchups against the three leading contenders for the Republican nomination, he runs as well or slightly better than she [Hillary Clinton] does,” noted Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

“Who gets the love? The one guy who hasn’t declared. Vice President Joseph Biden, a Scranton boy made good, is perhaps becoming a more important player in the 2016 presidential race,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

While Clinton may currently be one of the front-runners, in some of the match-ups she does not hold up well. When voters were asked if they would elect Clinton or Bush, Bush gathered 43 percent with Clinton at 40. In a race against Rubio, Clinton remained at 40 percent while Rubio topped Bush at 47.

It appears, however, that Pennsylvanians favor Clinton more than Trump, as she is at 45 percent to his 40 in their match-up.

Biden loses both match-ups to Bush and Rubio as well, but does better than Clinton with 42 and 41 percent to their 43 and 44 percent. Like Clinton, he polls better against Trump at 48 percent to Trump’s 40.

Bernie Sanders does not do as well as Clinton and Biden against Bush or Sanders with only 36 and 33 percent, but still “trumps” the billionaire at 44 percent.

In the Republican Debate, Trump announced that he would not be opposed to running as a third-party candidate. If that were to be the case and Jeb Bush were to be the Republican candidate with Clinton as the Democratic candidate, Clinton would have a clear victory at 37 percent. Bush would edge Trump at 29 to his 24 percent.

This survey was conducted by Quinnipiac University using live interviewers calling land lines and cell phones. They contacted 1,085 registered Pennsylvania voters from August 7th to 18th. The margin of error is +/- 3 percentage points.

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  1. This poll is a load of crap. Everyone can see that Trump is leading by a larger number. While I don’t agree with everything Trump says he’s self made not like Hillary who should be procesucted to the fullest extent of the law. Mainstream media is full of it and always has been. Don’t listen to mainstream because they only tell you what you want to hear or what they think you should hear. This election will show the extent of the lies by mainstream and the crooks funding people running. All mainstream media shows Hillary in the lead (per link below), but if you look at the people attending these events you will see Trump has way more support. For example: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2016/president/us/general_election_trump_vs_clinton-5491.html

    We the people need to take this country back!!

  2. First of All consider how early it is for Hillary to be tanking. She tanked in 2008 too, but not until much later. With e-mailgate getting worse every day and the return of the Clinton Foundation scandal waiting in the wings (and who knows what else), I don’t think Hillary’s numbers are even close to hitting bottom yet. Sanders is picking up everywhere. He is within a dozen points in the latest Wisconsin poll. He is close and gaining in the Quinnipiac poll of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida last week. The claim that he is doing well only in New Hampshire and Iowa is nothing but media spin.
    I also don’t see Biden mattering all that much. It is Sanders picking up when Hillary drops, not Biden, and Sanders enjoys better favorables than either of them with much more growth potential because about 40% of those polled still don’t know anything about him.
    I am getting very close to predicting that Clinton cannot win this election if she is nominated, and I am starting to think she won’t be nominated because others recognize that as well. Rendell, one of her biggest boosters (one of the reasons I dislike Hillary, by the way), is already starting to publicly criticize her for the way she is handling the e-mail scandal.
    I never thought Sanders had a shot at the nomination because the Democrats would never let him have it, but if Clinton crashes and burns and Sanders starts sweeping up primary wins I wonder how they could keep the nomination from him. I also hear he is collecting buckets of money in small contributions. Don’t count him out, and read the polls rather than believing what the media tells you they say.

  3. Jerry:

    So Hillary is “plunging” but still more than doubling-up Bernie’s support. You’ve also got to consider that most of these polls include Biden, who may or may not run, and currently isn’t campaigning. His entry or lack thereof will be a complete wildcard in the campaign.

    Moreover, these are national polls almost half a year ahead of when anyone votes. I see a future where Bernie could win Iowa *and* New Hampshire and still lose the race. He’s got to pick his numbers up among non-white voters or he’ll never win South Carolina, and he’ll get thumped on Super Tuesday.

  4. The new Ipsos/Reuters poll is out and it is the fourth consecutive national poll showing Hillary’s numbers tanking and Bernie Sanders’ surging. In this one Hillary dropped from 55% to 47% in the past two weeks while Sanders went from 18% to 23%. That is a 13-point surge. Biden trails far behind at 12%. This is the third recent poll (the others are CNN and FOX) to show Clinton dipping below 50% for the first time, and Sanders is at 20+ in all 4 — just about where Obama was in the polls at this point in 2007.
    Funny thing though. A google news search shows an abundance of stories about how well Trump did in this poll, but not a single mainstream media article on the equally significant Clinton plunge/Sanders surge that is contained in the same poll. Even Reuters, whose poll this is, relegated that part to the final 2 paragraphs in their Trump article. In their story they mentioned only that Hillary Clinton had dropped below 50% for the first time, but that she was still far ahead of Sanders. They provided no numbers.
    Obviously the media is scared to death of Bernie Sanders and wants to minimize the fact that Hillary Clinton is crashing and burning.
    This is the present state of “journalism” in this country. They don’t call it the “corporate” media for nothing, and corporate media wants to stop Bernie Sanders at all cost. That is why they are spinning or ignoring the polls.

  5. So many well qualified women- and the best the dems can give us is corrupt, cold and arrogant mediocrity like Hillary Clinton. The thought of her or Jeb must be depressing to most people. Hillary is a clear example of the depths to which American policy has descended. Keep her in New York – anybody but Hillary!

  6. I have never seen so much dishonest press coverage in my life. Quinnipiac for some reason left all trending data out of its press release. One has to open 3 separate documents for Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania to see the internals and trends, and the media has totally failed to do that. One wonders whether Quinnipiac deliberately made it difficult for the media to assess this poll by spreading the info out over 4 separate documents. After all, it is the corporate media that keeps them in business, and the corporate media is doing its best to ignore Sanders.

    The fact is that Clinton’s numbers are way down from last month, and it is Sanders who is surging, not Biden. Biden and Clinton still perform marginally better in most races versus the various GOP candidates, but when you consider that close to 40% of respondents in all three states say they do not know enough about Sanders to have an opinion about him, it is astonishing how close he is in those match-ups. He even beats Clinton and Biden in a few of the matchuops. Roughly two-thirds of respondents in all three states think Hillary Clinton is dishonest and untrustworthy. In two of the three states she has dropped below 50% for the first time (which was also true of the recent national polls by CNN and FOX).

    The only thing that is abundantly clear at this point is that the media is scared to death of Bernie Sanders, and they are going to huge lengths to both ignore the way he is surging in the polls and to downplay just how bad things are beginning to look for Hillary Clinton.

    Biden’s numbers only look good in this poll if you don’t compare them to Sanders’ numbers, and that is exactly how the media is spinning this poll.

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