Quinnipiac Poll: Clinton 48% Trump 43%

hillary-clintonHillary Clinton’s advantage has diminished but she remains ahead.

That’s the finding of the latest Quinnipiac Poll, which finds the former Secretary of State in the lead over GOP nominee Donald Trump, 48% to 43%.

That five point lead holds steady when Libertarian Party Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein are included. In a four-way contest, Clinton gets 44%, Trump 39%, Johnson 9% and Stein 3%.

Last month, just after the Democratic National Convention, Clinton held a ten point lead in Quinnipiac’s survey. In July, on the other hand, Trump recorded a two point advantage. The latter is the only poll that has shown Trump ahead of Clinton in a general election matchup in PA this year.

There is still a substantial gender gap in the contest between Clinton and Trump. Women prefer the Democrat by a 54% to 39% margin, while men go for the Republican 48% to 41%.

Clinton also has a slim lead with white women, 46% to 45%, while Trump is ahead with white men 55% to 35%. Additionally, Hillary is the choice of white college graduates, 50% to 43%, while whites without a degree prefer Donald 56% to 37%.

Overall, Trump has an eight point advantage with whites (50/42) while Clinton has a sixty point lead with nonwhites (75/15).

Meanwhile, Independents swing towards Clinton (51/39). As expected, most Democrats support their candidate (87/11) and most Republicans back theirs (82/9).

Finally, those in military households prefer Trump 57% to 35%.

The Quinnipiac University Poll surveyed 778 likely Pennsylvania voters from August 29th to September 7th using live interviews from landlines and cell phones. The margin of error is +/- 3.5%.

18 Responses

  1. Only the Democrat idiots in SouthEast PA and FilthaMafia would have voted themselves a city income tax, a county income tax and increase in the state income tax, a huge increase in the PA turnpike taxes [ie;tolls]in perpetuity, and then back Crooked Hillary who guarantees that she will hike their federal income taxes! What a bunch of clown idiots these Democrats are! Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!!!!

  2. Karen – You should turn FoxNews off for a while. Try reading a book or something.

    Phenomena or heat exhaustion. Real or fake. Hillary Clinton will be your next President. The Republicans made sure of that when they nominated a know-nothing bigot who paid off a prosecutor to avoid criminal prosecution for a con he was running on working-class Americans.

  3. She is faking illness. She probably saw poll that said she will gain sympathy votes. And she can avoid debate.

  4. Upset about the attention Hillary is getting, Trump announced that he has been constipated since late 2015.

  5. She’s a brain damaged old hag who will not step one foor inside the whitehouse as potus. Her health is shot. she is physically incapable of the job – it’s a fact. after her healt crisi yesterday, it’s apparent that obama will want her in the race for one reason only – to give her the first as the first woman as president and then when she croaks to put michelle obama in as president.

  6. Hillary will be your next POTUS. Get used to the idea!!!!! Oh – and be less of a FOXtard. It is unbecoming. Smile more too!!

  7. Hillary is a rat……plain and simple. She has left a paper trail she THOUGHT she totally bleached and beat the hell out off the never ever see pages with a hammer no less………….Fear not..Hillary is filling her pants as Assange is patiently waiting to show all the demonic she has done…………………I am patiently waiting.. She is a wicked woman Souless..

  8. Crooked Hillary’s Health issues are now on the front page of the National Enquirer. The van she uses for her campaign stops has a wheelchair lift and a motorized wheelchair.Her campaign stops are shadowed by private EMS ambulance staff who wear bullet proof vests and bring the gurney close to where she speaks in case her carcass has to be whisked away in a medical emergency. I’m not making this up, this can all be sourced. It appears as she is stooping to new lows by claiming, “ISIS is praying to Allah for a Trump victory” and at the same time claiming Trump supporters are a group of “Deplorables” – a bunch of, racist, sexist, homophobic,xenophobic,islamophobic clintonphobic malcontents who feel the government let them down! Gee, I guess my friends won’t be voting for Hillary! They’re all “deplorable! Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!!! Wait until the Wikileaks Clinton E-mail + Guccifer2.0 data dump nukes are detonated later this month and in October! She’ll scurry for cover like the rat she is and her poll numbers will plummet to the bottom and Trumpy will win in a landslide! She is a truly incompetent, corrupted liar and folks know this!

  9. I appreciate when knuckledraggers like Wally make it easy for us, letting us know that we can write off their views when they undermine themselves with their blatant misogyny. It saves a lot of time. Kudos, Wally!

  10. In NY the other night,Trump showed the World what most of us already knew – he is an arrogant, ignorant imbecile. Luckily for Hillary, the Rs were foolish enough to nominate him. Now – he will be the face of the R Party until he dies.

  11. After Trump’s stupid remarks last night at the CiC Forum, the race should be 75% for HRC. Trump should be about 20% and the other 5% to Jill Stein. Gary Johnson gets 0% after his gaffe this morning about Aleppo.

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