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Quinnipiac Poll: Smith Surge is for Real

Smith, left and Casey

The latest Quinnipiac survey shows Republican Tom Smith 3 points behind Sen. Bob Casey, 48 percent to 45. It’s the latest of several weeks of polling that shows the race narrowing.

“Tom Smith’s relentless TV ad barrage has lifted him out of the coal mine to give Sen. Robert Casey a run for his money,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. “Casey had a 55 – 37 percent lead in Quinnipiac University’s August 1 survey. Now this race is too close to call.”

Casey led 49 percent to 43 in Quinnipiac’s poll in late September.

The two men split independents, 44 percent apiece. Women go Casey’s way 53 percent to 38, while men favor Smith 53 percent to 42.

Quinnipiac surveyed 1,519 likely Pa. voters from Oct. 12-14 via land lines and cell phones. The margin of error is plus or minus 2.5 percent.

Polls have sent mixed messages about the race, with several showing it in small single digits while some show Casey with a double digit lead. The Real Clear Politics average of the race, which incorporates today’s Quinnipiac numbers, shows Casey leading by 5.3 points.

8 Responses

  1. First of all, it’s Quinnipiac’s poll, not NYT’s.

    Second, the NYT has been perceived as one of the most liberal newspapers in the country. They were the ones who released the Pentagon Papers during the Vietnam War. Here’s a study by a UCLA professor finding that NYT has a “strong liberal bias”:

    If you think the NYT is conservative, you must be still defecating on cop cars in Zuccatti Park.

  2. For those who didn’t know it–George Soros’s
    Son works at the New York Times–& as far
    as I can remember, the New York Times was
    classified aa a “Liberal News Media” with
    control by ‘Big-Bucks’ Soros “Censorship”-!

  3. “Pepe”- Gee, if you were “appalled” by that, you’d probably be “shocked” to find out that the whole site was put together by Tom Smith’s campaign.

    Other startling information on the site: Casey voted to confirm Obama’s two Supreme Court picks.
    (shh….even though they both happen to be women who don’t realize their proper place is in the home)

    Why, it’s simply scandalous.

    Tea Party Tom is going to lose.

  4. If we ever want to change Washington and get our fiscal house back on track we need to oust guys like Casey who aren’t concerned about the fiscal mess our country is in. I found a good website… I was appalled by the amount of reckless spending this senator was involved with.

  5. This race smells like the 2002 Democratic primary for Governor when Casey started off with a monster lead that faded and eventually got clobbered.

  6. If the NY Times is a “Tea Party-backed newspaper” when are they going get around to firing Lefty kleptonomist Paul Krugman?

    And well done Mr Smith. Glad someone can afford to expose Senator Zero as the Obamabot he is.

  7. Yet another right wing poll from a Tea Party backed newspaper. It’s well established the New York Times was founded as an organ of the Republican Party in the nineteenth century.

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