Quinnipiac Poll: Trump Leads GOP Field in PA

trumpYes, it’s actually true.

Donald Trump is leading the Republican field of presidential candidates in Pennsylvania.

According to a new Quinnipiac poll that surveyed PA (along with Florida and Ohio), Trump is ahead among all GOP candidates in the Keystone State.

The former reality TV star received 24% while neurosurgeon Ben Carson came in second at 13% and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio finished third with 10%.

Businesswoman Carly Fiorina came next with 7%, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush got 6% while the trio of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker each received 5%.

Rounding out the field were: Pennsylvania’s own former Senator Rick Santorum (4%); Ohio Gov. John Kasich (3%); New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (2%); former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (2%); and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (1%).

Trump leads among all segments of the party and with men and women.

He also say the biggest jump in support from last June’s survey, gaining twenty points. Fiorina picked six points and Carson three.

Meanwhile, several candidates saw large drops in support, chief among them Paul who lost six points. Bush, Christie, Huckabee and Walker each dropped four.

Dig deeper, however, and several of Trump’s numbers are horrible.

Just 34% of respondents view him favorably against 55% who view him unfavorably. Only with Republicans and men are these numbers not underwater.

Additionally, voters don’t find him honest or trustworthy (40% against 53%), don’t think he cares about their needs and problems (36% against 50%) and don’t believe he has the right temperament (30% against 65%).

The only question he scores well on is strong leadership qualities (65% to 33%).

This survey was conducted by Quinnipiac University using live interviewers calling land lines and cell phones. They contacted 443 registered Republican voters. The margin of error is +/- 4.7%.

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  1. That 10% for Rubio can’t be in Philly, or eastern PA. Or it won’t be if the primary makes its way to PA next year. Why should Rubio be toast next year in PA? Two words. Reggie White. Yes, there is a connection between the two. I wonder if anyone else here can figure it out.

  2. Even if a Constitutional amendment is out of the question relating to birthright citizenship, we can still deport illegal aliens using MANDATORY—E-Verify. Right now it’s just an honor basis, but if mandatory E-Verify were enforced, you will see mass deportation by Attrition? With Mr. Trump as one of the leading contenders for President and as Commander in Chief he has the same empowerment as outgoing King Obama. He can use executive orders to build the greatest wall along the US border that will have the same physical enforcement as the barrier that the State of Israel has— maybe even superior? However a real wall stretching across the regions of the border, will absolutely delusion thousands of climbers, especially with families.

    In the lonely areas of the border, nothing stands today in those thousand of miles, except in built up areas of population growth. Nothing in these regions really signifies the demarcation line between the United States and Mexico, but a few strands of trampled barbed wire that even cattle could slip through. The U.S Border Patrol of courageous men and women, which are constantly under attack with rocks and gunfire. They have limited resources and in many cases are forbidden to tread on land, governed by the Bureau of Land Management and other agencies without permission.

    Since King Obama took office protection at the border has lessened, owing to his executive orders. People have just poured across the border in hordes, especially families with children and allowed to stay. Criminal aliens have also arrived in larger numbers, with little resemblance to protecting the American people from these dangerous humans. A high rise wall will make the difference, but it’s essential to include compulsory E-Verify that no employer is excused from using. Along with the recruitment of thousands of more internal Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to raid without warning any business or industry, including construction sites across the country. A hefty penalty will insure that every worker to be hired will be carefully vetted. Those employers, who think they are exempt, would be in for a big surprise when looking at a mandatory prison sentence of 5 years.

    If a two step enforcement policy of a wall and E-Verify is implemented, it will begin the decline of the 11 to 30 million foreign nationals working illegally. If organized correctly under a Donald Trump Administration and not a dragging GOP political program that will never materialize or even a Hillary Clinton franchise government should she grab the Oval Office? Since the initial 1986 Reagan amnesty they have failed to complete the fencing, although promised by the 2006 Secure Fence Act and so its just been the basic enforcement—in America and at the border. I personally think it’s always been a clandestine move, to make THE PEOPLE think that Congress was doing something, but in fact any new bills to fortify our country just has never reached a promising vote in Congress.

    As a very large side benefit of operating program either of similar to E-Verify with the deportation of illegal immigrants, money sent as remittance to Latin America, Europe or any other country will start to dry or as Trump remarked a tax would be placed on any money sent abroad to pay for the wall. Donald has a great agenda which will save massive amounts of money whether tariffs on cars from Mexico or Japan, which will in turn bring back jobs from foreign nations as his hard-case negotiators as Democrats say, “level the Playing field’?

    This undermining conspiracy between the two parties, to keep the cheap labor pouring through the gaping holes in enforcement, and as an extra incentive for the Democrats—Illegal voters. This should be an anxious signal to the election authorities, which driven on by radicals that illegal aliens are voting. Non-citizens have compromised our citizen rights, by voting in local, state and federal elections. The Democrats have attacked in court, the need to produce official ID to vote. This is no longer the 20 century and the days of paper votes have gone and it’s relatively easy to full voluntary election staff to cheat the system. For sincere voters go to any Search Engine and type in ‘Voter Fraud’ and see for yourself?


    But with incoming outsider Donald Trump their world of the silent conspiracy has come crashing down. Speaker John Boehner, Democrat Minority leader Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, former Governor Jeb Bush and whole bunch in both parties, right now have nothing to offer the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Unions of hundreds of corporate special interests and their donors. Then as for Joe Bidon if he enters the race, would be over benevolent to illegal aliens and all the US freeloaders, who like collecting other people’s money in give-away benefits. That’s why our country is slowly collapsing in a pile of sharing out food stamps, entitlements that has caused Americas decay? The big money benefactors of Republicans and Democrats are in big trouble, as Donald has stated in a Town Hall meeting in New Hampshire he has already been offered donor money—and declined it. The bribes cannot touch this billionaire and so perhaps for once the American people will have a say in the some of the terrible issues that confront us?

    In the case of Birthright Citizenship according to the 14th amendment, that could make it impossible to deport the child, but that doesn’t mean the illegal parents get ‘Carte Blanche’. They could be deported or they can self deport. As I see it, the birthright law doesn’t shelter the parents from having to leave, except for some Liberal judge writing his own interpretation of the law. If the parents get an order from a judge who follows the law, they will be repatriated and the child or children will have to leave with the illegal parents. The Birthright Citizenship is an error as when the Founders wrote the Constitution, they dismissed the children of foreign Diplomats has no right to citizenship, voting or joining the military. So answer the question, that if a foreign Diplomats son, daughter/ or both progeny is not eligible for citizenship, a voting privileges or joining into the army? So how it is an illegal alien Mother can enter America undetected and the new born is granted citizenship and then gain access to every American entitlement? As I have said, this is an ANOMALY that makes no sense; even though the birthright citizenship law concurred by the Supreme Courts? What’s the difference between a foreign diplomat and an illegal alien? They both owe their allegiance to a King or potentate in a foreign country?

    Of course Birthright citizenship is not the end of the financial problematic issue, because a child who is granted automatic citizenship can at a later date sponsor more family members—hence the term ‘Anchor Baby’ and the fast building pyramid—CHAIN MIGRATION?

  3. donnald trumpe is gonna be in phildeha satday to be at rally down towne and he gonna get lot of peple there who gonna be there,

  4. Imagine how Governor Chromedom’s poll numbers would pop if he wore a Donald Trump toupee!

  5. Joshua, Cruz isn’t a professional-politician and isn’t a wimp; furthermore, linking Trump/Putin serves to illustrate all the faults of the former, for the end doesn’t justify the means.

  6. Wow. The PA GOP voters are shooting for the bottom. Trump’s plan for the national debt is probably to declare bankruptcy.

  7. Bush, Rubio, Cruz….all professional politicians…. all wimps…. all only in it for the money and power. TRUMP??? He has the money.. He’s only in it for the fame. I’ll vote fame over money and power anyday…. just look at the stupid mistakes George W Bush did by invading Iraq? He should be indicted. So we don’t need anymore “experienced” politicians. We need Trump…he’s a lot like Putin in Russia… Crazy as bat sh*t but gets the job done.

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