Quinnipiac Poll: Wolf 53% Corbett 33%

tom wolfThe third time was not the charm for Governor Corbett this week.

A new Quinnipiac poll released today shows the Governor trailing Democratic nominee Tom Wolf by twenty points, 53% to 33%.

This is the third poll this week to show the Governor down at least 20 points. A Rasmussen poll had Wolf’s lead at 20 while PPP had it at 25. Unfortunately for Gov. Corbett these polls provide a pretty definitive read of the race at this moment. Rasmussen is generally seen as a Republican-leaning firm, PPP a Democratic-leaning firm and Quinnipiac a nonpartisan firm.

The results are nearly identical to the last Quinnipiac poll from February, indicating that the attacks from State Treasurer Rob McCord and Rep. Allyson Schwartz failed to hurt Wolf.

Meanwhile, the Governor’s approval rating stands at 35%, the lowest it’s been in a Quinnipiac poll, while his disapproval rating is 55%. His favorability rating is 29% and his unfavorability hits 50%. On the other hand, Wolf holds a 46-14 favorability advantage.

When broken down by issue, Wolf maintains his lead across the board.

His strongest issue is education where the former Department of Revenue Secretary leads the Governor by a 59-26 margin. Yet Wolf also comes out on top concerning the economy/jobs (55-29); energy/the environment (53-29); health care (50-29); taxes (49-34); government spending (46-35); and abortion (35-31).

In an interesting contrast, which might help explain some of the Governor’s problems, 40% say the state’s economy is “excellent” or “good” but only 23% of people feel “better off” than they were four years ago.

Among those that disapprove of Corbett, 30% cite education. Therefore, it appears improving economic numbers are having no effect at all on the Governor’s numbers.

From May 29 – June 2, Quinnipiac University surveyed 1,308 registered voters with a margin of error of +/- 2.7 percentage points. Live interviewers call land lines and cell phones.

18 Responses

  1. New POliticsPA poll: Who will be Tom Corbett’s lame duck Chief of Staff after the departure of Leslie Gromis-Baker? My money is on Charly Zogby or Luke Bernstein!!! Ms. Gromis-Baker you have served admirably to protect the interests of UPMC’s World Class Jeff Romoff! I am sure you will land on your feet!!! You sacrificed a great deal to serve Mr. Romoff in Harrisburg!!

  2. Isn’t “millionaire businessmen” Corbett’s main demographic? How they found 33% to support him shows the extent of brain damage in this state.

  3. Eric Bradway Former Lower Merion Constable Is running for Governor as a Write in Candidate in Pennsylvania

  4. It’s way too early to take victory laps, but I want to nominate PAINDY1 and Senior Ferrari of casablancapa.com for the grand award from the PA Society for being the catalysts in expelling the unelected GOP Beltway consulting class from our state and running interference for real Pennsylvanians who truly care about our FUTURE, not UPMC’s World Class Jeff Romoff or a Loudon County’s Crisis manager’s net worth!!!!!! We both deserve one of those glitzy medals and that generous honorarium!!

  5. I was shocked to see that KEYSTONE POLITICS suddenly became an apologist for Tom Corbetts failed tenure as AG!!! Never never attack Senior Ferrari of CasAblancapa.com. Has the PAGOP made a huge ad buy? Has the Dark Prince John Brabender hired you as a consultant to understand deluded spineless liberals for his appearance on MSNBC? What’s wrong with you? Have the. Koch Bothers offered you a piece of the action on their pot plantation when pot is declared a cash crop here to prevent our bridges fom collapsing? If you want to know about judicial resources just spend time with Victim # 1 and his Mom! You are pathetic liberal SELLOUTS!!

  6. The idea that the incumbent believes that denigrating Wolf by calling him a “millionaire businessman” some how accrues credit to the incumbent is very troubling. Aren’t all the contributors to the incumbent “millionaire businessmen” . Just most of them I guess; but they are the good kind.
    This is very bad Republican communication.

  7. Because of the State GOP’s naivete and intransigence and Corbett’s selfishness, every Republican running in the state will be harmed by the incoming decimation at the top of the ticket. I guess they are content with the whole party being brought down. Shame on the leaders in the State GOP by not providing GOP voters with a choice and engaging in bully tactics to prevent primary opposition. Everyone with a brain saw this coming. I did a write-in for Gov. and LG and many others did as well.

  8. Shocking!


    What Corporate has done to the poor and the children of this state is criminal! The worst politician of my lifetime (56 years)!

  9. Actually Larry you are wrong! Alumnae is also plural. Alumnae is a group of female alumni. She is an alumna (one female). I am an alumnus (one male) and also a “mindless” Democrat who suports Wolf.

  10. Peggy, actually you are a Penn State “alumnae.” “Alumni” is plural. But thanks for proving the point.

  11. I am one of the “mindless” Democrats in Pennsylvania and a Penn State Alumni. Tom Wolf will be hour next Governor – we will make sure of that!

  12. “Guest” your lame old school playbook of ‘tax and spend” doesn’t work. Corbett is done for. Suck it.

  13. Acting Governor Brabender is living his own Groundhog Day. This is so like the Santorum debacle of a campaign that it is eerie. The only thing to do is to hit up those lapdog GOP donors for even more money in order to skim the campaign for as much as possible while securing as many long-term, no-bid contracts from government entities and regulated businesses and not-for-profits that current insider status allows.

  14. Once voters see who Tom Wolf truly is, an Ed Randell sycophant who is another tax and spender, those numbers will change dramatically. Although you never know for sure with all the mindless democrats in this state

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