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RABA Research Poll: Lamb 48 Saccone 44

Democratic candidate in the special election for the 18th Congressional district Conor Lamb is leading Republican Rick Saccone 48 to 44 in a newly released RABA Research poll.  

The poll, first reported on by Talking Points Memo, shows that Lamb’s campaign has a lead just ahead of the margin of error.  

The poll also shows the same margin, 48 to 44, of voters disapprove of President Trump’s job performance.  

Trump has an event Saturday to try to push out his base to the polls on Tuesday.  The race has seen Republicans spend millions of dollars to make up for Saccone’s low fundraising totals, and begin to set up a narrative to distance themselves from his campaign if he loses the election.  

From TPM:

Similarly, the poll suggests a lopsided edge for Democratic enthusiasm: Though the district is fairly solidly Republican, 41 percent of those surveyed said they were Democratic and 40 percent identified as Republican.

That could be a sign that the survey’s sample is a touch too Democratic, and that its likely voter screen might be a bit too tight. But it could also be capturing the very real signs of a Democratic wave — a huge disparity in voter enthusiasm from one party to the other.

The poll had a sample size of 707 people using an automated phone survey and an internet supplement.  The poll was conducted from March 6th-8th, and has a margin of error of 3.7%.

7 Responses

  1. Trump is a disgrace and an embarrassment and as we will soon discover, a Benedict Arnold. Any candidate who stands with him doesn’t deserve a vote.

  2. saccone’s ad campaign has gone from being just plain boring to being disgraceful lies and puffery. the next to last straw for many was the totally unfair attack on lamb for not getting tough enough sentences against criminals. federal prosecutors don’t sentence criminals– federal judges sentence criminals. the final straw is the ad featuring the opioid addict’s father ‘looking into saccone’s eyes’ — the only ‘kyle and korey’ brothers the internet search could find were in alaska in 2002 , not in PA .

  3. Saccone will pull this out, but it shouldn’t be this close in this district.

  4. I think for conor lamb might win this upset due to this blue wave is coming for the Democrats this year anyway.

      1. Exactly. Dems will say “well, we did it in Alabama.” No. Roy Moore did it. He was a horrible candidate, a child molester. Why will Lamb win? (Possibly?) It is due to the fact Lamb is more moderate and Saccone is lazy. That is why this race is a toss up, and how a Democrat wave can happen. Moderate Democrat candidates. That is how to win in toss up districts, but how to have a toss up district in a very Pro-Trump area? Don’t make it a race against or for Trump and have a lazy or horrible candidate. That is a lot of ifs, and Democrats across the country are doing the exact opposite.

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