Rabb Files Complaint Against Metcalfe Following Committee Exchange

State Rep. Chris Rabb (D-Philadelphia) filed a complaint against fellow state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) after an exchange the two had following a State Government Committee hearing in which Rabb said Metcalfe threatened him.

According to City & State Rabb approached Metcalfe following a vote last week to give the legislature more power in the redistricting process.  

“I said that it was a new low, even for him, because he had us vote on an amendment that we hadn’t had the time to read. It was an anti-democratic, underhanded move,” Rabb told City & State.  

Rabb says that after a brief exchange Metcalfe said “we’d have a very different conversation on the street.”

The comment, Rabb believes, was a threat against him and filed a complaint with the chief clerk’s office.  

“I assumed he was threatening me… It’s widely believed that he carries a firearm on the House floor. Given his racist beliefs, I didn’t want to give him the benefit of the doubt,” Rabb said.

State House Republican spokesman Steve Miskin had a different take on the exchange.  

“It’s just crazy. I don’t know how Rep. Rabb took it that way. Rep. Metcalfe was speaking conversationally while Rabb was speaking highly excitedly, with profanity-filled language. The Democrats on that committee try to provoke Metcalfe. I think everyone is kind of shocked that Rep. Rabb even wrote anything,” Miskin said.

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  1. What exactly is Steve Miskin talking about??? Oh, so it is the Democrats fault that poor old Daryl Metcalfe says one dumb thing after the next. Frankly, that last fiasco Metcalfe was involved in that was in the press a few months ago–the Democrats basically sat in committee as Daryl Metcalfe “riffed” goofy talk with no one egging him on. Now, Metcalfe, according to Miskin meant nothing but fun and games saying, “we’d have a very different conversation on the street.” Please, I need to know this because I am clearly not as smart Steve Miskin and need to be instructed–what is good about that statement??? As for the redistricting bill, if the R’s really think they can steamroll the Dem’s with the redistricting process with Wolf in office, they may want to see how it went with their redistricting appeal a month ago. I can’t believe they are foolish enough not to compromise this time around.

  2. When Metcalfe finally goes, it won’t be quietly. Think press conference, manila envelope, you know the rest.

        1. I appreciate that you found it dark but didn’t dispute the very dark possibility. He is clearly a guy who is at war with himself on these topics. So I’ll throw in a happy alternative ending: he gets the help he needs, takes his state pension, and moves to the Caribbean with his new husband (we’ve all seen the the cases of those who scream the loudest on these issue turning out to be closeted all along).

  3. Metcalfe is a racist, wannabe tough guy. He thinks packing heat in the Capitol makes him look and feel cool. Total zero.

  4. “The Democrats on that committee try to provoke Metcalfe.”

    I just like the fact that everyone knows that you could make this guy fly off the handle at the drop of a hat.

  5. Interesting that Metcalf is permitted to exercise his right to carry into the state capitol building, but ordinary citizens are denied that right. HMMMMM

  6. Racist??? Metcalfe is married to a Legal Immigrant. I’ve heard Rabb won’t even say the pledge of allegiance.

    1. Immigrant does not always mean a brown person. Even if it did, that’s the old Black Friend Defense, which is ridiculous. Knowing and having a positive relationship with a minority does not make you immune to bias. And inviting a white nationalist to testify before your committee doesn’t exactly scream “I’m not racist”.

  7. Metcalfe is out of control. It’s no stretch to believe he has tough guy fantasies and a gun fetish. It’s guys like that who make the rest of us responsible gun owners look bad.

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