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Rafferty Announces Support From Several County GOP Officials

john-raffertyJohn Rafferty’s campaign for Attorney General has unveiled a list of Republican County Council members from Allegheny and Delaware Counties as well as County Commissioners throughout the state that have endorsed the candidate.

“Political and community leaders throughout our commonwealth have recognized that John Rafferty has the right legal experience, the right temperament and the right leadership skills to be our next attorney general,” said Republican County Commissioner Caucus Chair George Halcovage.

“I’m honored to receive the endorsement of so many county leaders,” Rafferty responded. “They see firsthand the devastating results that crime and illegal drugs have on families.”

“These leaders work with local law enforcement every day, and they know that as attorney general I will be there to help them and the police in their counties,” he continued. “I’ll be there to help them fight drug gangs and the heroin epidemic. I’ll be there with them to help protect our seniors from scam artists and our kids from child predators.”

Below is the list of county and council members who have endorsed Rafferty:

Allegheny County Council Members Cindy Kirk, Tom Baker, Sam DeMarco and Sue Means; Armstrong County Commissioner Jason Renshaw; Beaver County Commissioners Dan Camp and Sandie Egley; Berks County Commissioner Christian Leinbach; Blair County Commissioner Bruce Erb; Bradford County Commissioners Daryl Miller and Doug McLinko; Bucks County Commissioners Robert Loughery and Charles Martin; Cameron County Commissioner Lori Reed; Chester County Commissioners Terence Farrell and Michelle Kichline; Clarion County Commissioners Ted Tharan and Wayne Brosius; Dauphin County Commissioners Jeff Haste and Mike Pries; Delaware County Council Members Mario Civera, Colleen Morrone, John McBlain, Michael Culp and David White; Indiana County Commissioners Mike Baker and Rod Ruddock; Lackawanna County Commissioner Laureen Cummings; Lancaster County Commissioners Josh Parsons and Dennis Stuckey; Lebanon County Commissioners Bob Phillips and Bill Ames; Mercer County Commissioners Matt McConnell and Scott Boyd; Northampton County Commissioner Peg Ferraro; Schuylkill County Commissioner George Halcovage; Somerset County Commissioner James Yoder; Tioga County Commissioners Erick Coolidge, Mark Hamilton and Roger Bunn; Warren County Commissioner Ben Kafferlin; Washington County Commissioner Diana Irey Vaughn.

Rafferty is currently serving as a State Senator for the 44th district and is running against Joe Peters in the Attorney General GOP primary.

11 Responses

  1. I never realized the Log Cabin Republicans had such a wide mailing list (pun intended).

  2. Sharon — Good to know. Isn’t Bill Lamb one of the people from the Disciplinary Board who went after Kane on behalf of the Clown Car? And then it turned out that he got Porn-gate e-mails too?

    This story gets worse and worse by the day. The OLD BOYS are going down.

    How so Lawyer Rafferty of Lamb McErlane, Pompo, NOVAK, Esbenshade Novak and others….The FIRM of SPIN and SCAMS of Chester County with LOBBYIST MONEYS to do so!

  4. Elroy – I don’t think you have to worry about that. Justice Todd has called for the Disciplinary Board to look into all the questionable e-mails of all the prosecutors involved in Hate-gate. Fina will soon be suspended from the practice of law. The Superior Court just found that his conduct in the Penn State case was “highly improper.” Plus – Shargel is going to rip him a new ass-hole come August.

  5. Rafferty (R) should sign a statement assuring the citizens of Pennsylvania that he will not bring Fina and Company back to OAG in Harrisburg, if elected Attorney General.

  6. gulag – don’t be fooled by the fact that Bob Levant sent his buddy to Court the other day with Tyron Ali.

    Bob Levant is Ali’s lawyer. He has been in the paper (before Seth Williams corruptly hired his wife) talking about his client Ali many times since the “plea deal” was entered.

    And don’t be fooled by the names on Frank Fina’s lawsuit. As of the time the suit was filed, Bob Levant was an attorney at the firm representing Fina. They just didn’t put his name on the filings.

    They think they can hide this stuff. They can’t.

  7. Did Frank Fina resign yet?

    Seth Williams cannot fire him, because that was probably part of the deal to put Fina’s lawyer’s wife on the public payroll. Said deal must also include the embezzler Fina let keep the money, because Fina’s lawyer used to be the crook’s lawyer. How odd.

  8. When will the Republican from the County of Philadelphia announce his support of Rafferty?

    Seth Williams claims he is a Democrat. But he hangs out at the Union League, hires bigots as prosecutors, and now has Corbett guys running his campaign. Read the article. Barley is a Corbett guy … just like Frank Fina is a Corbett guy.

    No wonder Seth Williams refuses to fire Fina. No wonder he demotes people who suggest that he do so.

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