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Rafferty Moves Closer to Attorney General Bid

john-raffertyIt appears State Senator John Rafferty is inching closer to a run for Attorney General.

In a letter to GOP County Chairs throughout the commonwealth, Sen. Rafferty reaches out to the local leaders and seems to be laying the groundwork for a run next year.

“Each of you plays a most important role in recruiting great candidates, fundraising and organizing our grassroots voter outreach efforts,” Sen. Rafferty writes. “I want to acknowledge and thank you for the job you have done and are doing to ensure Republican Party success now and in the future.”

“The stakes could not be higher and that is why I am writing you today,” he continues. “We need Republican wins this year to set the stage for a successful 2016. I want to help!

“If you need a speaker for a county dinner or event, count me in,” Rafferty volunteers. “I am eager to get on the trail in support of my fellow Republicans and ensure we win in November, particularly our statewide slate of judicial candidates.”

It is at the end that the State Senator reveals where his interests lie.

“P.S. Success in 2015 will lead to success in 2016,” he concludes. “I look forward to meeting and discussing the 2016 election cycle and particularly the race for Attorney General.”

12 Responses

  1. I was shocked to hear and hope it is not true, that the Montgomery D.A. is holding up on her decision in the Kane case, until Rafferty fellow R, has announced. Does there seem to be any truth to this??

  2. Yo Bobby G! Your fitlthy campaign contributions helped get us into this mess. You gave to crum-bum dems back in the day and now you have yourself firmly planted underneath of Williams with your tongue fully extended? Give us a break! You’re the hack Bobby G. You’re the most dangerous kind of hack!

  3. So one of the deciding votes for union deductions using taxpayer money wants now to be AG? How’ze about NO.
    A political hack who is claimed a Conservative who routinely votes for Progressive ideology. So Raff baby, How’ze about fixing the roads. Get your union supporters out there with a bunch of patch OK? Tell them a little less time at WAWA and a little more time on “the job”. You Putze.

  4. Rafferty has been anything but an excellent state senator. He’s scared to death to vote for anything of substance and has zero chance of making it through a Republican statewide primary. I suspect the only reason that anyone in the legislature would support him, is so that they no longer have to work with him.

  5. John Rafferty has been an excellent state senator. He does his homework. He knows how to get bills passed. But, more importantly, he votes his district and does not forget who sent him to Harrisburg in the first place.

  6. At one point I was leaning toward John Rafferty. But he AGAIN voted to sabotage our Pay Check Protection bill. His vote made the difference between victory and defeat for this bill (which should be a no brainer). Two of my very good friends are close supporters of his and I have to think that if they had been in his shoes (in the Senate), they would have voted for the bill. But John Rafferty’s loyallty to Greenleaf
    and the union bosses apparently is stronger than his loyalty to Republican principles. We can differ on the details of Pension Reform and Liquor privatization, but with Pay Check protection, you’re either for the union bosses or the workers. Even a majority of union families support Paycheck protection. As one of my fellow State Committee members said, “I doubt that, after killing Paycheck protection, Rafferty will get much support in the central party of the state.

  7. If memory serves, he was going to have run in the GOP-Primary three years ago, but then was stopped by Corbett; it may be, now, that he will compete unimpeded.

  8. Sen. Rafferty protects the Unions. Look at the record. Union Intimidation bill should have been an easy vote in Republican controlled Senate. Rafferty sabotaged it. Ironworkers contribute to his campaign. Rafferty is unacceptable. Pennsylvania voters, overwhelmingly, want change. John Rafferty is more of the same kind of Corbett opportunistic tax and spending hackery. John Rafferty is the worst of both worlds: he engineers corporate crony welfare for Republican highway contractors and vendors AND he protects the Union business agents. More to come.

  9. Good question Thomas James – only the hack Republicans will support Rafferty and, of course, his highway corporate cronies contractors and suppliers.

  10. The Republicans prepare to lose again .
    Sen. Rafferty, as chair of Senate Transportation Committee, engineered the “Corbett Gas Tax” and he did vote for the tax /fee on Marcellus Shale.

    Pennsylvania Okays Biggest Tax Hike in More Than Two Decades

    Seth Williams is a Democrat by instinct and affiliation. He would not betray his base. He is a Righteous Democrat based on what reliable people have told me but he could not switch. He would lose the entire Phila vote. In my view, Seth Williams could run in a Democratic primary and win. Seth Williams would be a competent AG. Who knows? Seth Williams might prosecute political corruption.

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