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Raja Embraces Race in TV Ad (With Video)

When Raja ran for Allegheny County Executive in 2011, Republicans accused opponents of racial campaign tactics. But in an ad released this week for his state Senate bid, Raja embraces his Indian heritage.

The 30-second spot, which began airing today on cable (namely Fox News), is titled “Fluent” and doesn’t shy away from Raja’s race.

He may look just a little different. Talk with a bit of an accent, but there’s one language Raja is quite fluent in: conservatism,” says a male narrator.

“He used conservative business practices to create much-needed jobs right here. And now, Raja wants to take fiscal discipline to a place where it’s all too foreign: Harrisburg.”

It closes with this gem:

“When it comes to conservative values, he sounds just like us.”

Raja, a businessman, is running against Rep. Mark Mustio and conservative activist Sue Means for the seat of retiring Sen. John Pippy. There is no Democratic candidate in the race.

Pippy endorsed Mustio this week.

If elected, Raja would be the highest-ranking Indian American in Pa. history and the only ethnic minority in either GOP caucus in Harrisburg.

7 Responses

  1. Mustio not only voted for the midnight pay raise but is a part-time representative using his office to expand his insurance business at taxpayer expense.

  2. Raja’s company employs 300 people in the US that seems to me to be pretty impressive.

  3. One can talk about outsourcing jobs and accuse others of doing so, that’s one thing, but what’s rarely discussed is the underlying cause of the practice: the United States currently has the highest corporate income tax on the planet, labor’s expensive and the Fed’s rules and mandates are numerous and ever-increasing. Bearing this in mind, it’s no wonder these jobs are going overseas to places like China and Japan, where corporate income taxes are being slashed and codes are being simplified. It’s not the entrepreneurs, it’s the over-regulation and over-complicated tax code barring business growth and repatriation of jobs to America. People like Raja aren’t the problem, they’re the solution. We need to compete for these jobs in the global market, something we’re not doing very well, to say the very least, in the present.

  4. One might assume “Veritas” to be on the PSEA payroll since he manages to be ungrammatical in two languages, but the blatant untruths in what he or she posted would be too much even for them.

  5. Raja did not lose by huge margins because of “racial tactics”. He lost because he out sources tons of jobs at a time when american families are struggling. That isn’t who Allegheny county wanted and it is not what we need in Harrisburg.

  6. I don’t get why Raja only goes by the one name. Is that a cultural thing I’m missing?

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