Ravenstahl PAC Launches Second Ad Targeting Peduto (With Video)

The PAC Citizens for a Better Pittsburgh, chaired by Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, launched its second attack on candidate Bill Peduto Monday. The ad asserts Peduto is, “a risk Pittsburgh can’t afford.”

The group previously aired its first TV spot against Peduto in April.

CFBP Ad 2 PedutoIn this latest commercial, a narrator accuses Peduto of living in a parallel universe “where everything is backwards”. The ad states Peduto, “supported giving tax breaks to wealthy developers but cutting the pensions for police.”

 “Peduto supported higher parking rates for us but special lower parking rates for himself. And Peduto supported raising seniors property taxes but using other people’s money, including tax dollars, to take exotic trips.”

Finally the ad concludes by telling voters, “Bill Peduto is a risk Pittsburgh can’t afford.”

A Peduto spokesperson wasn’t immediately available for comment.

Update: Peduto spokeswoman Sonya Toler called the ad “false and wholly misleading.” Her point-by-point rebuttal is here.

The spot will air on all three network channels this week at a cost of roughly $70,000 according to Tim McNulty of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

This ad buy comes on the same day that a new Keystone Analytics poll was released which shows that Peduto has increased his lead over his chief rival former Auditor General Jack Wagner to seven points, 39% to 32%.

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  1. What I said a few days ago:

    Square Chick on May 11, 2013 at 3:08 pm said:

    Agree with Frank that the Anti Peduto ads by Ravenstahl changed the momentum in this race. Jack was ahead – even as a late entrant – but began to slip as soon as it became apparent that Ravenstahl and a Republican ad agency were behind the ads. To some degree the Peduto supporters have managed to portray the ads as a Ravenstahl/Wagner conspiracy, and that helps Peduto. Luke’s worst nightmare – that Peduto succeeds him – may happen because he (Luke) got involved . . . if Ravenstahl really wanted to help Wagner, he should have stayed/stay out of it. The story on May 22nd may still be all about Luke because of these ad buys.

  2. Peduto is the one candidate to stand up to the Catholic bullies and endorse gay marriage. The Catholic Church is a disgrace on human rights for women and gays, bravo for Peduto for turning his back on organized religion to do the right thing for all of mankind!

  3. Brandon, indeed not only did Ravenstahl propose raising parking rates a heck of a lot higher his lease, but has supported many, many more “tax breaks for wealthy developers” than Peduto over the years – it’s a central difference between them. Same with Ravenstahl accusing Peduto of negative “corporate expansion” in his last ad, while Ravenstahl never met a positive “economic development” initiative he didn’t try to fast track. The ad is misleading in a typical way (as befits a desperate attack in the final week of an election), but the news here is it’s HILARIOUSLY hypocritical.

  4. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t Peduto vote against the sale of City owned parking to a third party, which in other cities, such as Chicago, parking costs upwards of $4.00 per hour? And who was the one that was pushing for this sale to take place, in an effort to close the pension gap? Oh, yeah. It was the Boy Mayor himself. Get the facts straight!

  5. keep up the swift boat ads lukey you and wagners smear campaign is back firing looks to me the people of pittsburgh want to move forward not backwards like your poll numbers.

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