Ravenstahl & Readshaw Send Identical Campaign Lit

WS GROUPRep. Harry Readshaw (D-Allegheny) and Rep. Adam Ravenstahl (D-Allegheny), both running for reelection, are represented by campaign group 7 Points Consulting (formerly WS Group and Fleck Consulting).

Apparently both candidates have a strong education plan, as they sent out identical mailers in their nearby districts. (Hat tip to 2 Political Junkies & Keystone Politics who ran this picture yesterday)

The mail piece features the exact same picture and very similar* text with just the name of the representative changed.

It’s not unusual for an organization like the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to send out identical emails with the name of the Republican opponent changed, but to send the exact same piece of direct mail to two State House seats right next to each other seems a bit lazy.

They both face tough competitors. Readshaw is running against fellow incumbent Rep. Erin Molchany after redistricting moved her seat to Lehigh County and bumped her into Readshaw’s. Ravenstahl faces Tom Michalow, a public school teacher and former member of Avalon council. Ravenstahl has held the seat since 2010.

*post has been updated

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  1. This was done in two Ohio statehouse races just two weeks ago, a week before the May 6 primary. I know because I was running against one of the incumbents who was being supported by StudentsFirst and Michelle Rhee. Identical lit was used for State Rep Bill Patmon and State Rep John Barnes.

  2. This is political malpractice. Fleck/WS are amateurs and should be run out of the business. Too bad political consulting doesn’t have something similar to the AMA and the ABA to hold these ripoff artists accountable. Perhaps public shaming in the press is enough but they should refund both clients for this lazy, sloppy work

  3. Meh… first of all, while they use the same stock photo (news flash, campaigns use stock photos!), the article is not correct, it says:

    “The mail piece features the exact same picture and text with just the name of the representative changed.”

    A correct statement would have been that they feature the exact same picture, and the same chalk board font, even though the text, and other aspects of the piece are different.

    I’m also wondering what the other side looks like? If the only thing the same on these is a stock photo and a font choice, then this is kind of dumb?

    Let me guess how a conversation between a consultant and candidate might go…

    Consultant: “Hey, that education mailer you wanted to do, did you want to pay money for a stock photo to use on the front, or should we just use the one we already have?”

    Candidate: “The one you already have, that wouldn’t cost me any more money?”

    Consultant: “No.”

    Candidate: “Well yea, let’s do that then.”

  4. If I’m Ravenstahl or Readshaw I’m pissed off right now. The story locally will be about them and it gives the impression that they’re lazy when it comes to ideas for improving education. I’m sure the candidates will be on the phone with WS and Fleck chewing them out. Probably get a free mailing out of it, but not sure they should trust them with another piece.

  5. I’ve no love lost for Fleck either, but I don’t think it’s worth judging him by this. Did the candidates like the message? Did they sign off on it? Is it effective? There are other considerations too…
    Ah screw it, I hate Fleck too. This sucks.

  6. Not at all surprising. The WS Group has way too many clients to be effective.

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