Reactions to Kathleen Kane’s Sentence

kane-handcuffsKane’s successor and the two men running to replace her this year reacted to the news of her jail sentence today.

Attorney General Bruce Beemer

“Today is another sad day for the Commonwealth and its citizens,” Attorney General Beemer said. “The Office of Attorney General is moving forward with steps to restore the public’s confidence in the work that we do and the way that we do it.”

“The men and women of the OAG are dedicated public servants who do their jobs with integrity on a daily basis. That is what the public expects and deserves.”

Republican AG Nominee John Rafferty

“Today marks another sad chapter for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Office of Attorney General,” said John Rafferty. “This entire episode is a stark reminder of the damages of putting an individual in the Office of Attorney General who lacks the requisite experience for the Office and is driven more by blind political ambition than doing what’s in the best interests of our Commonwealth. That is why I have pledged to only serve as our next Attorney General and not run for higher office. My opponent refuses to take this pledge.”

“As our next Attorney General, I will restore integrity and public confidence to the Office and refocus our efforts on protecting the people of Pennsylvania.”

Democratic AG Nominee Josh Shapiro

“In August, a jury of her peers determined Kathleen Kane’s guilt and today the court sentenced her to a prison term, showing that no one is above the law. As the people’s Attorney General, I’ll lead with integrity as I have throughout my career in public service and always protect the rights, safety and health of each and every Pennsylvanian. I will enforce the law without fear or favor and work tirelessly to heal the breach of trust that exists in our justice system.”

15 Responses

  1. In reference to the so-called “Good ‘Ol Boys” network that Ms. Kane repeatedly alledged was coming after her:

    *It was a WOMAN who charged Kathleen Kane.

    *It was a WOMAN who co-prosecuted Kathleen Kane.

    *It was a WOMAN who sentenced Kathleen Kane.

    So much for that “Good ‘Ol Boys” network. ~

  2. Shady Katie-

    Any report should list/identify for each person what was “inappropriate” (either as direct quotes or in a summary that conveys the essential areas).

    Example of “okay” email:
    Women should get regular breast exams.

    Example of “bad” email:
    I want to exam the breasts of my female co-workers.

  3. David, I realize that you like to play amateur lawyer, but there’s this thing called due process and another thing called defamation. If a report (as Gansler prepared it) says the following people sent inappropriate emails, and then lists some names, that report subjects the AG’s Office to numerous lawsuits if those people were sending nothing more than breast cancer awareness emails or stories from the news.

    So when people who have never sent an inappropriate email in their life saw that they would be named in that way, you can imagine why it got held up. Gansler did a shitty job and Kathleen Kane paid him a lot of money to do it. You know, crooked Dems stick together like that.

  4. LOL, this site is a magnet for wackjobs. Stan Caterbone! “Taxpayer” (I just love that self-righteous moniker). Oh, and Taxpayer, you’re going to be disappointed in your corrupt hero Kathleen when and if you see that porn report. Seriously, Gansler flagged emails from staffers in the AG’s Office who were supporting “breast” cancer. And gullible “taxpayers” like you get all worked up about it without any clue how there’s nothing in that report worth reporting.

  5. Not to worry the porn report will be soon, followed by her impeachment and then the endless civil rights lawsuits against her as atty gen. It will be decades before her stench is gone.

  6. Rafferty asked for his opinion and pivots to a political maneuver. Typical politician, don’t worry John you don’t have a chance for higher office. Hope you enjoy 2nd place.

  7. What is the status of the PORN report? She is out of the way nothing holding the AG back from releasing the report RIGHT, oh wait they cannot afford to release this report.
    Kane should have backed off!

  8. As usual, she got a slap on the wrist, which will not deter others from being corrupt. Due to her lack of action while looking to better her career; Kathleen Kane refused to Help a father and his little boy, who pleaded with her to Help and she flat out refused. He ended up being threatened by one of her agents, threatened by a D.A.and then falsely arrested by police, using excessive force, after he told them he is disabled. His son was then ‘illegally’ taken from him,and now his innocent, little boy is being grossly Abused; and ‘No One’ will Help them. He asked Josh Shapiro(chairman of the P.C.C.D.)for Help,and he also refused to Help them. He then asked Lt.Gov.Michael Stacks to Help them and he refused to Help this innocent ‘Child of God’ who is being severely Abused, just as all the other “Deplorable Democrats” have done! Please Help us if You can find it in your Heart. Thank you and God Bless. Joe and his little boy, Joey.

  9. “The Good Old Boys” have won the battle, but the war is far from over! See you boys in court, or is the US Supreme Court or the Third Circuit going to grant all of my Motions for Summary Judgments?

  10. Whistleblower-

    1) Have we met? (or do I already know you, but unaware of you PP alias)

    2) If not, please introduce yourself at any political event we might mutually attend.

  11. If Josh wants to lead with integrity, he should return the $150K he took from the Charter School people and investigate their systematic bribery of public officials at all levels. (But, he won’t.)

    What is “sad” here, is the phony opportunists who were all too eager to push Kane aside or throw her under the bus, who are now applauding this disgraceful miscarriage of justice.

  12. David Diano, Local Buffoon
    “Solely because Kane is a Democrat, I think this entire criminal case was absurd and unjust. Had a Republican been accused of the very same conduct, I would be calling for execution in the public square.”

    Democratic AG Nominee Josh Shapiro
    “Now what’s this about a courtroom? I’ve never seen one, so could you tell me a bit more about what happens there before I give you a comment?”

    The Rest of the Democratic Party
    “Welcome to the Club, Kathleen!”

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