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Reactions to Shapiro Budget Proposal

PA House Democrats Press Briefing

Reactions to Gov. Josh Shapiro’s budget address on Tuesday came swiftly from both sides of the aisle after the conclusion of his 84-minute speech.

“Governor Shapiro’s budget is a roadmap for strengthening Pennsylvania’s communities, economy and schools. His plan creates a solid foundation for the House and Senate to work from in crafting a spending plan that serves all Pennsylvanians.” – Rep. Joanna McClinton (D-Philadelphia/Delaware), House Speaker

“Inflation and the economy remain at top of mind for all Pennsylvanians and the Senate Republican Caucus is committed to strengthening the Commonwealth by restoring economic freedom and positioning communities to thrive. There are some glaring items missing from Gov. Shapiro’s budget that prevent Pennsylvania from reaching its full potential by unleashing – not restricting – Pennsylvania’s energy resources and establishing a 21st century education system that focuses on retention by producing the necessary skilled workers to support an innovative economy.” – Sen. Kim Ward (R-Westmoreland), Senate President Pro Tempore

“Governor Shapiro’s budget address sets a positive tone for our commonwealth, and I’m encouraged by the investments in education, workforce and our communities. House Democrats look forward to working with the governor and with our colleagues on both sides of the aisle, and in both chambers, to enact a budget that addresses our needs now and gives us the space to address the challenges ahead. This budget proposal provides us with a path to accomplish both.” – Rep. Matt Bradford (D-Montgomery), House Majority Leader

“Regardless of how long it may take to come to an agreement, the final budget will respect taxpayers, protect jobs, and keep Pennsylvania on a prosperous path for future generations. The governor’s proposed tax credit only for certain front-line workers picks winners and losers. Now is the time to encourage workforce participation in all areas and to make it more attractive for every individual to find a job. There is still extensive work to be done in order to produce a balanced and responsible state budget for the benefit of all Pennsylvanians.” – Sen. Joe Pittman (R-Armstrong/Indiana/Jefferson/Westmoreland), Senate Majority Leader

“Today’s speech by Governor Shapiro is the first step in a process that I’m confident will lead to a budget that improves the lives of all Pennsylvanians,” said  “From investing in our students and their education and well-being to ensuring seniors can stay in the home they’ve spent their lives in, we have before us a tremendous opportunity to create a more fair and just Pennsylvania.” – Rep. Jordan Harris (D-Philadelphia), House Appropriations Committee chairman

“For years, Senate Republicans have worked hard to create responsible budgets and attract and retain quality jobs throughout the state. While Governor Shapiro gave us a more realistic starting point than in years past, I still have concerns about the level of spending in this budget and the draining of the Rainy Day Fund in future years. We cannot spend more money than we’re taking in. We should be looking for ways to build up our Rainy Day Fund — not empty it. Also, his budget acknowledges $600 million coming from RGGI. That is tantamount to a $600 million increase in the cost of electricity to every consumer in this commonwealth. He can’t call this a no-new-taxes budget if he’s raising energy costs on consumers and job creators.” – Sen. Scott Martin (R-Lancaster/Berks), Senate Appropriations Committee Chair

“What we heard today from Gov. Shapiro was a starting point. A starting point that will end in a final budget that reflects no one person’s spending priorities or legislative agenda, but a budget that is reflective of the divided government we have. But one thing is for certain: We will not abandon our core principles that have made Republicans the trusted fiscal stewards we are. We must work to prudently conserve what we have of our financial success, so we do not go back to taxpayers for more when they are already struggling.” – Rep. Bryan Cutler (R-Lancaster), House Minority Leader

“Gov. Shapiro’s proposed budget is a reasonable start to the process. There are some policy points that give us pause, but other initiatives are refreshing to see, such as working to eliminate DEP permitting backlogs and investments in career and technical education. However, I am disappointed the governor did not address our structural deficit or include enough program integrity initiatives to reduce fraud. I look forward to the next several weeks of budget hearings, where we will go through each agency’s proposals line by line and work toward meeting our June 30 deadline.” – Rep. Seth Grove (R-York), House Appropriations Chair

“Governor Shapiro used his first budget address to reinforce campaign priorities and to further establish the public image he wants for himself and his administration. The items Shapiro lays out are ambitious and targeted towards core electoral constituencies that helped put him in office last November, but also a broader segment of the Commonwealth’s citizens that he seeks to engage. His focus on public education, senior citizens. urban issues and the environment all should be well received by the Democratic base, and the fairly solid fiscal standing of the state in this cycle allows him to be aggressive in programs in these realms.

But beyond his base, the Governor lays out a number of initiatives related to business development and public safety that could find substantial support among more conservative Pennsylvanians. Shapiro recognizes the reality of divided government in the state, and that if his ambitions are to be realized there will likely have to be significant compromises struck with the GOP.” – Chris Borick, Professor of Political Science and Director, Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion

“The Chamber is pleased to see the Governor’s call for investments in Pennsylvania’s education and workforce, public safety, and energy development.  We share the Governor’s vision for the Commonwealth as a leader in innovation, job creation, and economic development through a more competitive business tax and regulatory climate.

The Chamber hopes to work with the Governor, the General Assembly, and a broad coalition of stakeholders and other chambers of commerce to develop a statewide innovation strategy and substantial investment that will make Pennsylvania a globally-recognized hub of innovation-based industries and talent.” – Chellie Cameron, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia

“HAP and Pennsylvania’s hospitals thank Governor Shapiro for calling attention during his budget address to the importance of investing in the health care workforce, Pennsylvanians’ mental health, and access to care in rural communities. Pennsylvania’s health care infrastructure is in crisis and we need state investments to help ensure the financial sustainability of hospitals and safeguard access to care.

“We appreciate the governor’s plans to provide incentives for nurses to practice in the commonwealth and expedite licensure. Pennsylvania’s health care workforce shortage is among the worst in the nation. We need a comprehensive strategy to grow and support health care professionals, including expanding the training and education pipeline and ensuring that health care professionals can quickly get to work caring for patients.” – Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania (HAP) President and CEO Andy Carter


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