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Reader Poll: Biggest Primary Surprise Tuesday?

With the 2013 primary behind us, PoliticsPA would like to know: which race’s outcome Tuesday was the most surprising?

In a primary marked by low turnout, a few interesting and closely followed races were


decided, including the Pittsburgh mayoral primary and the Democratic Superior Court race.

So, which race surprised you the most during this year’s primary?

Which primary race result was the most surprising?

  • Democratic Superior Court race (McVay defeated Waters) (30%)
  • Pittsburgh mayoral primary (Peduto defeated Wagner) (24%)
  • Erie Co. executive primary (Dahlkemper defeated Grossman) (16%)
  • Harrisburg mayoral primary (Papenfuse defeated Thompson and Miller) (15%)
  • Bucks Co. prothonotary primary (Bachtle defeated Christian) (12%)
  • Bethlehem mayoral primary (Donchez defeated Reynolds) (3%)

Total Voters: 338

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8 Responses

  1. Nobody should be surprised about McVay. That was easy to predict as was the Pittsburg race. I am not surprised Dahlkemper won. Incumbents haven’t won a second term for Erie Co Executive in a long time. They usually lose the primary. To for Tucci? He is a tea party extremist who has a PFA order against him lol

  2. Biggest surprise was Meagan Bilik DeFazio winning both D and R nominations for common pleas judge in Westmoreland County, especially over the very highly qualified (and hard-working as a candidate) William McCabe. DeFazio quit the Democratic Party last year; for this most Democrats despised her and most Republicans seemed smart enough to figure out that she isn’t really one of them. Personally I did not know one person, not one, of either party who was planning to vote for DeFazio. But whatever, she “won.”

  3. Biggest surprise for me was witnessing Bill Tully blow the doors off the Fran Chardo campaign for Dauphin county judge. Chardo had a year lead, most of the local heavyweights, and a huge funding advantage. Tully win probably most representative of the grass roots change in Dauphin County Rs: anti establishment mood continues to grow, and Tully was perceived as being on the edge of the establishment and Chardo in the middle. Huge margin says a lot.

  4. As a resident of Erie, I’m surprised Barry Grossman lost. Kathy Dahlkemper is as incompetent as they come. I’ll be voting Don Tucci come November.

  5. Nothing surprising at all about Peduto defeating Wagner. Could see that coming for weeks.

  6. Biggest surprise? That a woman best known for “allegedly” beating her child with a ladder is going to be one of the Democratic nominees for Philadelphia Common Pleas Court.

  • Understanding that basic education funding should/will be first, what should be the next highest priority for the General Assembly?

    • Raising The Minimum Wage (25%)
    • Legalizing Adult-Use Marijuana (24%)
    • None of the above. Something Else. (20%)
    • Economic Development (14%)
    • Higher Education (8%)
    • Public Transportation (8%)
    • Workforce Opportunities and Innovation (2%)

    Total Voters: 51

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