Reader Poll: Brady Should Not Stay on as Chair of the Philadelphia Democratic Party Chair

Bob BradyThe results are in and a majority of our reader said that Philadelphia Democratic Party Chairman Congressman Bob Brady (D-Philadelphia) should not stay on as Chairman.  

66% of the 489 responses said Brady should not stay on, while 34% said he should stay on.  

Brady has come under fire recently after it was alleged his campaign paid off a primary opponent to end his challenge.  


Should Brady stay on as the Chair of the Philadelphia Democratic Party?

  • No (66%)
  • Yes (34%)

Total Voters: 489

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5 Responses

  1. Let’s see… The Democratic Party dominates in Philadelphia, and in ’16 met the vote goal for its presidential candidate. So I guess we should dump the only effective Democratic chair in the state. Sounds about right.

  2. Yo what do youse mean I don’t get to be party boss no more? I got more ward leaders than you!!! I got more corrupt deals to make and more real Democrats to screw. Remember back when I screwed Democrats and the blacks in redistricting just to put more white people in my district? That was awesome. Just the way I roll!

  3. When will you run a poll on asking if well-known fornicator Cole Goodman should resign from Democratic State Committee?

  4. GOP readers try to tell Dems how to fix Dem Party. LOL. When do we get a poll asking if Trump should stay on as President?

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