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Reader Poll: Candidates Should be Listed Randomly on Each Ballot

ballotOur readers have spoken, a majority want candidates to be listed randomly on each ballot.  

56% of the 433 votes called for candidates to be listed randomly on each ballot.  44% of voters wanted candidates to draw their ballot position, the way it is currently done.  


How should Pennsylvania list candidates on the ballot?

  • List candidates randomly on each ballot (56%)
  • List by drawn ballot position (44%)

Total Voters: 433

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3 Responses

  1. Ballot draw is already purely at random. I was fortunate enough to pick the first position and I still did not win the primary.

  2. @gulag Pittsburgh I completely agree with you. There is too much opportunity for rigging should it be purely random without a ballot draw.

  3. Presumably the ballot draw is also random, so the end result would be the same. I actually would trust a public ballot draw more than a computer software that could be tweaked in many ways to secretly favor a particular party or candidate.

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    Total Voters: 30

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